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Knights Templar hid the Shroud of Turin for 100 years

This story from The Times is of interest to both the kooky and the well-balanced alike! My emphases and comments. From The TimesApril 6, 2009Knights Templar hid the Shroud of Turin, says Vatican Richard Owen in Rome Medieval knights hid … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: What to do with old palms from last year’s Palm Sunday?

From a reader: Having entered Holy Week I’m confronted with an annual problem. What do we do with blessed Palms received on Palm Sunday, or the crosses made with them? They dry out through the week and, inevitably, pile up … Continue reading

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Fr. Sirico of Acton Institute to Fr. Jenkins of Notre Shame

On the blog of the Acton Institute Fr. Robert Sirico has posted his letter to Fr. Jenkins, Pres. of the University of Notre Shame. My emphases and comments. Dear Fr. Jenkins: You are, no doubt, being inundated with letters, phone … Continue reading

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Fr. Eurest’s body found

Sadly I report that an Austin, TX media outlet has posted that the body of the missing Fr. Eurest has been found. Please pray for him.

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QUAERITUR: Confessions on Good Friday

Every year I get e-mails about priests who will not hear confessions during the Triduum, especially on Good Friday.  They say the directions in the Missal forbid confessions. Wrong. Some priests, liturgical experts, and even diocesan liturgy offices wrongly claim … Continue reading

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A priest learns the TLM and it changes him

A reader alerted me to this piece in the Ave Herald: My emphases and comments in this excerpt. Fr. Tatman: "We’re Off to a Wonderful Start"       Tuesday, 31 March 2009 08:34 It was not a typical parish appointment, and … Continue reading

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A 1943 parish Holy Week schedule

A reader sent this interesting bit. While browsing through my parish’s historical archives (i.e., the closet for all the stuff that no one knows what to do with,) I came across a copy of the parish’s Holy Week schedule from … Continue reading

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Braga Rite in Providence – follow up with photos

Do you remember that Holy Mass for Palm Sunday was going to be celebrated in Providence, RI, in the Braga Rite? Photos.

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Pray for a priest who collapsed

In your goodness would you pray for an intention? Please pray for Father Robert Parent in Lewiston, Maine. Apparently he collaspsed during Mass on Palm Sunday and was taken to hospital. He is the only priest in the state of … Continue reading

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Leeds: Priests stop saying “good morning” at Mass

In The Telegraph we find this piece with some good news… and some errors. My emphases and comments. Priests stop [is that a use of the imperative?] saying ‘good morning’ to their congregationsCatholic priests have stopped [apparently not…] saying "good … Continue reading

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Belgian Parliament & hypocrisy

I was pretty irritated by the choice of the Belgian Parliament to chastise Pope Benedict, who – besides being a religious leader is a head of state. It is remarkable to me that a government which has such a notorious … Continue reading

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40 day Rosary for conversion of Pres. Obama’s heart on life issues

From a reader: Perhaps others have already contacted you about this, but I believe you could be very helpful in this and therefore, I will bring it to your attention also. Today, the coalition of students against President Obama’s invitation … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich on his conversion

A kind reader sent the following transcript of the exchange between Chris Wallace and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who has just been received into the Catholic Church. Congressional Quarterly has posted a transcript of “Fox News Sunday,” … Continue reading

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What is your good news?

Destruction of economies, missile tests by rogue nations and no solution in sight, the dissolution of societal mores, left  to himself man will screw things up every time. We need to attune ourselves to the workings of grace in our … Continue reading

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