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Bp. Sample (D. Marquette) on Notre Shame and Pres. Obama

His Excellency Most Reverend Alexander Sample, Bishop of Marquette in Michigan has this to say about Notre Shame’s invitation to Pres. Obama. Here is Bishop Samples statement Read Bishop Sample’s full statement below with my emphases:       I would … Continue reading

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Greta with Newt Gingrich on Notre Shame and the Obama adminstation

Did you all see Newt Gingrich on Greta van Sustren’s program on FNC analyze the Notre Shame situation and the recent moves of the Obama Administration regarding religion? Excellent!

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Bishops of Scranton and Catholic schools the diocese

Bishop Joseph Martino continues his work in Scranton… with the Catholic University there. I hope Fr. Jenkins is reading. Hey… Fr. Jenkins!  What goes on the health services for the students at Notre Shame? Bishops Seek Information on Student Health … Continue reading

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Ex Libris Theologicis

Every once in a while people ask me for… no.. let’s start again…. All the time people ask me for book recommendations and where to find them. Just today, as a matter of fact, in Z-Chat someone asked about about … Continue reading

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Terra tremuit… et non quievit… more trouble in L’Aquila

Another quake in L’Aquila… more damage 19:42 Rome time 5.3 Richter UPDATE 18:38 GMT I just heard that the Basilica on the Piazza del Duomo has collapsed. 

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HR 1388… a “youth brigade”?

I don’t have enough background about this.  Something about this sounds wrong to me. Perhaps some of you know more about it and won’t lapse into hysteria. If this is for real, or if it is just one of those … Continue reading

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The “social” Magisterium and Acton Institute

The discussion under another entry, on Fr. Robert Sirico’s excellent letter to Fr. Jenkin’s of Notre Shame, was being led down a rabbit hole by ad hominem interpolations about Fr. Sirico’s own positions and his work with the Acton Institute. … Continue reading

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It’s L’Aquila… not “a-KWIL-a”

Who will be the first serious media anchor or report to start pronouncing the name of the city properly…. other than Greg Burke of Fox News?

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From VIS: VIA CRUCIS 2009: PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS IN INDIA VATICAN CITY, 7 APR 2009 (VIS) – Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil S.D.B. of Guwahati, India, has been given the task of writing the meditations for this year’s Via Crucis (Way of … Continue reading

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In your goodness please pray for…

In your goodness please pray for the people still trapped in the earthquake rubble in Italy.  Please play for the workers digging for them.   Please pray for the families of the deceased.

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Fr. Stanley Jaki, OSB – R.I.P.

Fr. Stanley Jaki, OSB, passed away in a hospital in Madrid at 13:15 Spanish time.   Fr. Jaki was a great scholar.  He was a physicist and theologian and prolific writer. If you have not read anything by Fr. Jaki, and perhaps … Continue reading

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Mr. Obama’s predicament: an ambassador

From The Washington Times Embassy Row by James Morrison Tuesday, April 7, 2009 3 STRIKES AT VATICAN The Vatican has quietly rejected at least three of President Obama’s candidates to serve as U.S. ambassador to the Holy See because they … Continue reading

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