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Lateran – Cañizares – TLM – Brick By Brick

Once upon when a Cardinal celebrated Holy Mass in one of the Roman Major Basilicas at the Papal Altar it was a special event.  Only the Pope could celebrate at those altars.  A special bull from the Pope had to … Continue reading

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St. Anselm – 900 years

Today is the 900th anniversary of the death of St. Anselm. His feast day coincides in both the traditional and post-Conciliar calendar.

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NatRev: Fr. Sirico on Pres. Obama at Georgetown

From National Review comes this piece by Fr. Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute. My emphases and comments. The Catholic Identity CrisisWhat the Georgetown and Notre Dame controversies reveal. By Rev. Robert A. Sirico In his speech this week at … Continue reading

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Archbp. Carlson in St. Louis

Some photos of Archbishop Carlson are available.

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St. Coleman’s, Cobh, Ireland: Easter Monday TLM

In the beautiful St. Colman’s Cathedral of Cobh, Ireland on Easter Monday there was a solemn TLM.  As we reported before, Tomás Luis de Victoria’s (1548-1611) Mass O quam gloriosum was be sung by the Dublin Lassus Scholars I was … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: going to another diocese for traditional Confirmation

From a reader: I would like your advise on something.  I am grateful for any time you can give to this.  I’ll try to be brief. If the local Ordinary can not feasibly provide Confirmation in the EF can one legitimately … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: acts of piety during Consecration/Elevation

From a reader: I wanted to inquire about a pious habit I have acquired from my parents who have acquired it from their parents. At the Mass, immediately following the words of Consecration when the Host is lifted up, when … Continue reading

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Vice. Pres. Biden to receive award at Georgetown University

From a reader: Georgetown Law will be giving [Vice-President] Biden the Legal Momentum Hero Award on Wednesday. Would a non-disruptive protest be acceptable? For example, standing at the back of the room with my back turned.   Hmmm… I didn’t … Continue reading

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Sarasota, FL: new church dedicated for the traditional Roman Rite

From the literal brick by brick department this is from the Diocese of Venice (Florida): On April 19, 2009 Bishop Frank J. Dewane of the Diocese of Venice in Florida Dedicated Christ the King Church in Sarasota, the first church … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Choosing Communion on the tongue or hand?

From a  reader: A new convert is considering whether or not to commune by receiving on the tongue (almost never seen in his parish). Can you direct me to an article or post that explains the significance of receiving on … Continue reading

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Archbishop Carlson of St. Louis

WDTPRS congratulates the people of St. Louis on the appointment of His Excellency Most Reverend Robert Carlson as their new Archbishop. Before going to the D. of Sioux Falls, then to Saginaw, Archbishop Carlson was a priest and then auxiliary … Continue reading

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POLL: The Catholic Press – printed publications

As the culture war heats up, Catholics will be more and more under siege. It is important that we stay informed about what is going on in the world both within the Church (intra) and without (extra) and what happens … Continue reading

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The birthday of the City

Today is the birthday of Rome! Today Rome was (traditionally) founded in 753 BC. “But Father! But Father!”, I am sure you are about to muse, skeptically.  “How could we possibly know that date so exactly?  After all, the records … Continue reading

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