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Third SSPX Rosary Crusade: 12 million rosaries for….

From the "Letter to Benefactors" of the SSPX from SSPX Superior Bp. Bernard Fellay. Some of the usual stuff, some very good points and finally a great idea. My emphases and comments. LETTER TO FRIENDS AND BENEFACTORS – SPRING 2009 … Continue reading

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Archbishop Dolan hits the ground running in NYC

From The New York Post My emphases and comments: ‘TAMPER WITH MARRIAGE & WE’RE IN BIG TROUBLE’ By DAN MANGAN April 23, 2009 — Archbishop Timothy Dolan yesterday said advocates of gay marriage "are asking for trouble," arguing that traditional, … Continue reading

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Fr. Bugnini’s defense of Mass antiphons against vernacular hymns

I had this from a reader, with my emphases and comments. Does this eye-opening piece by Jeffrey Tucker … at NLM bear further comment? ___ Can Hymns Licitly Replace Propers? In short, in 1969 the [Bugnini] Consilium was asked this … Continue reading

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Feast of St. Mark: procession and litany

From a reader: How many parishes observed this feast day of St. Mark with the traditional procession chanting the litany of the saints? Ours followed a sung ad orientem Novus Ordo Mass with incense and Kyrie (Gr.), Sanctus, Mysterium Fidei, … Continue reading

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A miracle approved for Ven. J.H. Newman?

This is in The Telegraph: Cardinal John Newman poised for beatification after rulingThe Vatican has cleared the way for the beatification of John Henry Newman, the English Roman Catholic Cardinal. By Simon CaldwellLast Updated: 4:29PM BST 24 Apr 2009 A … Continue reading

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How to light the really tall candles

The other day we were talking about candles and their composition. You know the old phrase… don not try this at home? From a priest reader: Fr Z. now that altars are becoming higher and higher, so to speak, some … Continue reading

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A lesson in how groups work to politicize the Notre Shame controversy

On the blog Ten Reasons I learned of the following. I had posted about "Catholic Democrats" here.   This is a group that sets polling over doctrine. Now something is brewing in Ohio. First, we look at this story in the … Continue reading

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ZzzzzzzzAP! RAY GUN!

I want one of these.   I will use it while driving the 789. While the US Air Force is dead set on shooting down missiles with airborne lasers, it looks like their colleagues in the Army are busy cooking up … Continue reading

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From VIS: NOTE CONCERNING PUBLICATION OF DOCUMENTS ON PIUS XII VATICAN CITY, 24 APR 2009 (VIS) – The Press and Information Office of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) today issued a note concerning a news item carried by certain communications … Continue reading

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