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Not only the first Oriole today, but the first Rose-breasted Grosbeak!

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Recognition of “shared Catholicism”

I was alerted that on the blog RV Traveller there is a little note about WDTPRsers! There are photos at that blog. At the Extraordinary Form Mass, meeting Henry We arrived at St Theresa’s church in Clinton, TN. I was … Continue reading

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The Bird Feed

As I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, I heard the not unfamiliar sound of a bird flapping against my window pane, trying to get in.  This one, however, was the first Oriole of the season, a … Continue reading

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5 May – Roman Martyrology

In the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum we find this entry. 3.  Commemoratio sancti Maximi, episcopi Hierosolymitani, qui a Maximino Daza Caesare, post oculum effosum pedemque ignito ferro adustum, ad metalla damnatus est; atque, liber inde abire permissus et Ecclesiae Hierosolymitanae praepositus, … Continue reading

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McBrien and Novus Ordo refusers: on the same side?

Let me give you two "hooks" before we get into the meat of this entry. First, some time ago I posted a question from a reader about some people who arrived at church thinking to find their usual TLM and, … Continue reading

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PODCAzT reminder: #84 – St. Pius V and Quo primum

In the traditional roman calendar, used with the 1962 Missale Romanum, today is the feast of St. Pope Pius V (+1572). I made a PODCAzT about him the other day, and his famous document Quo primum. 084 09-04-30 St. Pius … Continue reading

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