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First Hummingbird!

I spotted my first Hummingbird today.  He came to the little feeder just outside my window.
No photos yet, but I will aim one of the "pips" of the the Z-Cam on the hummer feeder while I do some other things.

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Good news?

Have some good news?

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Papal spokesman’s statement about the Holy Father’s past

Just when you thought the Vatican Press Office was getting it together comes this from Reuters.
The problem here stems from a distinction.   Many youth were automatically enrolled or pretty much forced to be enrolled in the Hilter Youth.  Not all … Continue reading

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PRAYERCAzT 27: 5th Sunday after Easter (1962MR)

Welcome to another rapid installment of What Does the Prayer Really Sound Like? 
Today we will learn the antiphons, orations and readings for the 5th Sunday after Easter in the … Continue reading

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Indulgence for the Year for Priests – Latin text

From the Apostolic Penitentiary:
Dono Sacrarum Indulgentiarum ditantur peculiaria spiritalia incepta per Sacerdotalem Annum, in honorem Sancti Ioannis Mariae Vianney indictum, peragenda.
Instat dies qua centum et quinquaginta anni revoluti commemorabuntur a pio … Continue reading

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Solace for the heart

Something relevant to birds from the always interesting Laudator Temporis Acti:
E.M. Forster, A Passage to India, chapter 8:
"Do you know what the name of that green bird up above us is?" she asked, putting her shoulder rather nearer to his."Bee-eater.""Oh … Continue reading

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Archbp. Weakland’s other shoe drops

When during a storm you see a flash in the distance, you know that eventually you will hear the confirmation that there is lightening.
This is in from AP.  My emphases and comments:
Former Catholic head of Milwaukee admits he’s … Continue reading

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