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L’Osservatore Romano article on Notre Dame and Pres. Obama

The article in L’Osservatore Romano has raised a lot of suspicious eyebrows. You see… it is not just the text it is the use also of the photo. For more read this and this and this. Click for larger version. … Continue reading

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Have good news?

Give us all some of your good news!

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Check it out!

A great site I have in my RSS feed reader. Check it out!

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QUAERITUR: a bunch of stuff

From a reader many questions. General Tip: If you hope for a serious answer, send one question.  After that I start to lose attention and get silly. Thanks you for your website.  It’s the third thing I read every evening.  … Continue reading

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Moscow …. wait for it… TLM…. !

Our friends at Rorate have the news… which I read twice to be sure… The next ‘approved’ Traditional Latin Mass will be on May 31 (Pentecost), but usually it is offered every 1st Sunday of the month, at 1700 H … Continue reading

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Name that speaker!

What major public figure recently said this: "At the heart of Paul’s effort in Athens was an appeal to reason. He did not seek to impose his beliefs, nor exploit anxiety or fear. Rather he had learned that his faith … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Ascension Thursday Sunday… what to do?

From a priest reader: I am facing a dilemma.  I live in a part of the country which does not observe the Ascension in a biblical manner – that is, forty days after the resurrection.  Instead, we observe something that … Continue reading

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Weigel on L’Osservatore Romano’s “fideist credulity”

My friends – smart people – are angrily scratching their heads over the latest squishy musings in L’Osservatore Romano. I have posted about this here and here.  In the second case, the editor, who is a fine fellow and doing … Continue reading

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Some PR advice for the Holy See

I think nearly everyone will agree that the Holy See needs a serious overhaul of its communications offices. There is an article in Newsweek which addresses this issue.   You will disagree with some of the writer’s biases.  Move rapidly past … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: priests extending hands at the time of ordination

From a priest reader: Fr. Z, Easter Greetings in the Lord. I am writing with a question for you, or any other knowledgeable priest, to answer. Last spring I attended two priestly ordinations.  The first was in the extraordinary form, … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: What do you mean by “liturgy” in need of “reform”?

From a reader: On your take on notredame you kept refering to the "liturgy". In the present catholic church there are 2 different liturgies: the novus ordo and the tridentine. What liturgy are you refering to that needs reforming. The … Continue reading

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A gloss on Fr. Jenkin’s introduction of Pres. Obama

From a reader… an astute observation about Fr. Jenkin’s introduction of Pres. Obama at the Notre Dame commencement last Sunday.  A portion of that introduction goes: JENKINS: "As the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council wrote in their pastoral constitution … Continue reading

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A fragment… ne pereat

I am struggling to get an article written for the paper this week, the column which gave this blog its name. This week I had both a hard time getting going, and then a hard time stopping once I did.  … Continue reading

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Some recent posts of note

Just so that when they scroll off the first page, newcomers will know they are there…. Americans “overwhelmingly” favorable toward Pope Benedict  L’Osservatore Romano… what the…?!? The greatest of the feasts of our Lord My take on Sunday at Notre … Continue reading

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