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QUAERITUR: What do you mean by “liturgy” in need of “reform”?

From a reader:
On your take on notredame you kept refering to the "liturgy". In the present catholic church there are 2 different liturgies: the novus ordo and the tridentine. What liturgy are you refering to that needs reforming. The old … Continue reading

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A gloss on Fr. Jenkin’s introduction of Pres. Obama

From a reader… an astute observation about Fr. Jenkin’s introduction of Pres. Obama at the Notre Dame commencement last Sunday. 
A portion of that introduction goes:
JENKINS: "As the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council wrote in their pastoral constitution Gaudium … Continue reading

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A fragment… ne pereat

I am struggling to get an article written for the paper this week, the column which gave this blog its name.
This week I had both a hard time getting going, and then a hard time stopping once I did.  … Continue reading

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Some recent posts of note

Just so that when they scroll off the first page, newcomers will know they are there….

Americans “overwhelmingly” favorable toward Pope Benedict 
L’Osservatore Romano… what the…?!?
The greatest of the feasts of our Lord
My take on Sunday at Notre Dame (important)
A very … Continue reading

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