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Archbp. Nienstedt to pro-homosexual group: “The truths of our faith are not open to debate”

From Stella Borealis come this entry about the annual Pentecost challenge made by a homosexual activist group to the local Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  The group concerned is called Rainbow Sash. Adherents of Rainbow Sash publicly protest the … Continue reading

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What is your good news?

Although the week has brought some sadness, there are nevertheless reasons for good cheer in this life, aided by grace. Foremost among the good pieces of news I had were the appointment of a friend of mine, Fr. Lee Piche, … Continue reading

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Nice, France: ONE Mass for the whole diocese on Pentecost

UPDATE 0019 GMT 30 May One of the commenters, below, says that this report is not true. Scroll down to see his comments. _____________________ Our friends at Rorate have an entry which has me a little steamed. Try to wrap … Continue reading

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PCED: Clarification on the use of the ancient Ambrosian Rite

There has been a very interesting development in regard to the use the older form of the Ambrosian Rite. My understanding is that priests and laypeople in those regions where the Ambrosian Rite has historically been used have encountered great … Continue reading

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Kicking & Screaming!

There are some things you just can’t make up. This is in from LA News with my emphases and comments: Kicking & Screaming: Journo Dragged From Near Air Force One By  CHRISTINA HOAG Updated 9:08 PM PDT, Thu, May 28, … Continue reading

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Successful attacks by the enemy

A reader has sent me a photo taken clandestinely. This may explain how the enemy maintains that sustained attack on the bird feeders. This may even explain why I had no coffee beans this morning! CLICK

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The feeder

Some quick shots from the feeder. There have been a lot of woodpeckers in the last few days and many few finches. This Red-Bellied Woodpecker triumphantly comes up with a peanut. Brown Thrasher.  What a very different eye they have … Continue reading

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Fr. Cutie

ALL: I know about Fr. Cutie.  You can stop forwarding e-mail. 

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John Allen on Pres. Obama and Miguel Diaz

From the National Catholic Reporter, the ultra-left wing dissenting weekly, the nearly ubiquitous John L. Allen has some obervations about Pres. Obama and future Ambassador Miguel Diaz. My emphases and comments. With Diaz nomination, Obama passes major Catholic test  [Passes … Continue reading

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Thanks to readers

Some thanks are do to readers.First, JP of CA sent a USB hub which has allowed me more easily to connect several webcams for the sake of the Z-Cam.  This hub actually works.  With the other hub, for one reason … Continue reading

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Ugly as sin

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", it is said. Rubbish. Beauty beauty cannot be separated from truth. Some things are simply ugly, both by design and by intention.  They are ugly because they are deeply false. Some "artists" … Continue reading

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A notice posted on the doors of a church

From a priest reader: Making a visit at a church near my residence, my attention was drawn to a notice posted on the main inner doors, which I reproduce below. Since the greater the number of people involved in distributing … Continue reading

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The enemy…

This is about right… Visit Loose Parts

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Pres. Obama chooses Vatican Ambassador

After Ambassador Glendon comes … this AP story from a Minneapolis TV channel: My emphases and comments. Hispanic theologian from MN college chosen for Vatican ambassador A Hispanic Roman Catholic theologian who was an adviser to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign … Continue reading

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