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A favorite fast lunch spot

When I am in St. Paul I sometimes take a break from the good Chinese to stop at a well-known deli, Cecil’s on Cleveland. If you can’t be in New York, you can come here. Service is … well, you … Continue reading

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M. Novak on liberal trembling over upcoming encyclical

From the site of First Things, Michael Novak has a comment about the anticipation felt by liberals over the Holy Father’s upcoming encyclical. My emphases and comments. Economic Heresies of the LeftJun 29, 2009Michael Novak What exactly is in Benedict … Continue reading

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Good commentary about new Pauline discoveries

There is a very interesting piece from Sandro Magister’s Chiesa on the new discoveries about St. Paul which have recently come to light.   This is one you want to read carefully… especially you seminarians out there. My emphases and comments. … Continue reading

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Ed Peter’s takes L’Osservatore to the woodshed

Ed Peter’s of In The Light Of The Law has correctly understood a burning issue of our day. L’OR and the Loss of Reason For most of my life L’Osservatore Romano has been a sleepy Roman rag that arrived weeks … Continue reading

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Have any good news?

What is your good news today?

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Support of “cap and trade”?

More and more I have the impression that "the environment" is rapidly becoming the focus of a new age sort of a religion. I missed this when it came out, from Catholic World News: Catholic World News (CWN) Feature Stories … Continue reading

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about that Windows 7 upgrade thing….

People are telling me I must upgrade to Windows 7.  Riiiight.   Like we had to upgrade to Vista… is that it? So… asuming for a moment that this is in the cards…. Do you have to upgrade from the same … Continue reading

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The consecration begins

Please pray for the consecrandus.

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Fun Catholic iPhone ap “commercial”

With a tip of the biretta to Fr. Roderick,  I present this great iPhone ap commercial spoof with a Catholic twist. It was made by P. Camarata.

It looks like that guy needs to charge his iPhone… a common … Continue reading

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Mosaic of Benedict XVI at St. Paul’s “outside-the-walls”

From a reader comes yet another e-mail without a link: Info from theratzingerforum: Our Pope’s Mosaic in St. Paul’s Outside the Walls hat been altered and shows now the pallium which the Pope is wearing now, no longer the one … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Feast of the Precious Blood

From a reader: As you know, July 1st is the Feast of the Precious Blood in the pre-1969 calendar.  Unfortunately, this is one of the "idea feasts" which didn’t make the "expert" cut in 1969 (and the highest-ranking victim of … Continue reading

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Prayer request

Today is the consecration as bishop of Fr. Lee Piche.   It will take place in the Cathedral of St. Paul, in St. Paul, Minnesota. In your charity will you please pray for him? Perhaps you might stop right now and … Continue reading

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National Catholic Register thanks priests

On the very day the Year for Priests began, I was happily able to post about a nice thing that happened to me on an airplane. This now comes from the editors of the National Catholic Register with my emphases … Continue reading

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Help from readers?

Can anyone identify this bishop? I am wondering if this isn’t he. UPDATE: 1 July All the photos are here.

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St. Paul, Apostle – new finds

In December of 2006 I attended a presser on the unearthing, but not opening, of the tomb of St. Paul, Apostle, in the Basilica of St. Paul outside-the-walls. At that time questions were raised about the opening of the tomb, … Continue reading

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