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Pres. Obama… letter carrier

Apparently Pres. Obama gave Pope Benedict a letter from Sen. Edward Kennedy, (D-MA).

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Card. Canizares Doesn’t Go To Washington

A visa: you don’t leave home without it. This is pretty interesting… from CNS blog In case you were expecting to see Spanish Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera as one of the ordaining bishops at the episcopal ordination of Archbishop-designate J. … Continue reading

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Seeking some clarity about an alleged statement of Bp. Williamson

We need some clarity on something.  Perhaps readers can get to the bottom of this. Here is a little chum for the already murky water.  This comes from Catholic Church Conservation. Bishop Williamson allegedly criticises Motu Proprio. From Radio Vatican … Continue reading

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This year? Not so much.

Every year when the G8 etc would meet, the press gave huge coverage to the over the topic antics of protesters.  Not so much this year.

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Fr. Lombardi on the gift of “Dignitatis personae” to Pres. Obama

Here is an excerpt from a CNS article about the Pope giving Dignitatis personae to Pres. Obama: "There was no intention to be polemical," Father Lombardi said. "I do not agree with the idea that the pope was trying to … Continue reading

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One of the Pope’s gifts to Pres. Obama: “Dignitatis personae”

When the Pope Benedict admitted Pres. Obama into his presence today, he gave him gifts of a medal, a mosaic of St. Peter’s Square and, according to Catholic News Service Twitter feed, a copy of CDF’s instruction on bio-ethical questions … Continue reading

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US House’s GOP leadership on “Caritas in veritate”

The US House of Representative’s GOP leadership issued a statement about Caritas in veritate. My emphases and comments.   Statement by House GOP Leaders Boehner & McCotter on Pope Benedict XVI’s Caritas in Veritate         WASHINGTON, DC – House Republican … Continue reading

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Today’s papal audiences

His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Finigan, picked up on the interesting make up of the papal audiences in today’s Bolletino (my emphasis):     LE UDIENZE , 10.07.2009        Il Santo Padre ha ricevuto questa mattina in Udienza:     S.E. il Signor Héctor … Continue reading

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Gifts and symbolism

Fr. Blake, the PP of St. Mary Magdalen in Brighton, says:  In a previous age the idea of an Emperor investing a Pope with the sign of priestly authority would be taken as definite sign of the subjection of the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile… of greater importance…

More interesting and more important than the Pope’s reception of Pres. Obama may be Italy’s moves to return to the use of nuclear power.

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WSJ: notes from Fr. Sirico on “Caritas in veritate”

In today’s Wall Street Journal Fr. Robert Sirico of Acton Institute has a comment on the Pope’s new "social" encyclical Caritas in veritate. My emphases and comments. The Pope on ‘Love in Truth’Anyone seeking a repudiation of the market economy … Continue reading

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From the Martyrologium Romanum

From the Martyrologium Romanum: 1. Romae, sanctorum martyrum Felicis et Philippi in coemeterio Priscillae, Vitalis, Martialis et Alexandri in Iordanorum, Silani in Maximi, et Ianuarii in Praetextati; quorum coniuncta memoria gaudet Ecclesia Romana, quae una die tot glorificatur triumphis, quia … Continue reading

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The Tablet gets something right on Ecclesia Dei

It is not often that you have seen me write something like this, but in the new number of The Tablet, Robert Mickens has written a pretty fair blurb about the restructuring of the Pont. Comm. Ecclesia Dei.  Here is … Continue reading

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