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Card. Ouellet: It is time to take a stand!

"It is fully time to take action and stand with our Holy Father who is himself so admirably peaceful and coherent in fulfilling all his duties. We are greatly blessed by the quality of his teaching." I had the chance … Continue reading

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Keep this is mind

“More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.” St. Theresa of Avila (+1582)

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PENJING REPORT Penjing still thrives and still has very little to say.  Time to get out the clippers. The Chinese Elm, Penzai, has leafed out very well. A trim will be necessary soon.  I’ll have to read up on this … Continue reading

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Tilma of OL of Guadalupe: “completely beyond” scientific explanation

It is always a matter of fascination to me that, as technology advances, we find more and more interesting in venerable old "relics" about which extravagant claims have been made.  For example, with the development of photography we found that … Continue reading

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Thanks to readers

First, many thanks again to all of you who helped me go to England for Fr. Finigan’s 25th Jubilee celebration.  It meant a lot to be able to go.  Also, many thanks to Fr. Basden of St. Bede’s for the … Continue reading

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TLM hand missals now in print

A long-time reader and WDTPRSer GS sent this useful e-mail: Reverend Sir: I just came across a concise roundup of currently published hand missals for the usus antiquior. Although the post is almost a year old, I don’t know of any new players in the … Continue reading

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The Tablet’s little scream

What should worry readers in the following is the unavoidable conclusion that The Tablet can’t stand Pope Benedict. The editors of "the Bitter Pill" hold Pope Benedict in such contempt that the editors are willing to objectify even the new … Continue reading

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We all know from some of our less frequently self-editing brethren that it is clearly a MORTAL SIN for women not to have a head covering in church and that all women are all REQUIRED always to have a head … Continue reading

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A thousand words

Looking for an image which describes the feelings of many in our own time? There is a photo on the blog A Catholic Life…

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Archbp. of Cagliari against Summorum Pontificum

In solidarity with our friends at Rorate, and with all Catholics in the region of the Italian Bishops Conference, I bring you this, which you may judge on your own. The blog Messa in latino reports on the thoughts of … Continue reading


Reason #649673 why we need the new translation

From a reader who is interested in what the prayer really says. Dear Father Zuhlsdorf, Happy Feast Day! From Vespers for today’s Feast of the Transfiguration: Christe, qui in monte illuminástifáciem tuam super Móysen et Elíam,orámus te pro Iudæis,pópulo acquisitiónis … Continue reading

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