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Prayer request for a Catholic blogger

Folks, The Crescat is ailing. I request that you stop what you are doing and say a prayer for her and that you repeat prayers during the day.

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A growing concern

So… I am looking out of the window of the Sabine Sacristy from the Sabine Chapel and I notice strange things around a tree. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? These things are HUGE.  Anyone know what these are?  They are growing under … Continue reading

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Cry Cry Cry

Are you ready for the Tears of St. Lawrence?

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Some people claim that even though the Holy Father issued Summorum Pontificum, no one is really supposed to actually use the older books. They have the same attitude about the TLM as they do about Gregorian chant: it should be … Continue reading

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Why a priest won’t give “Communion blessings”

From a reader: The following was in our Parish Bulletin this week and is on our parish website… http://www.stanthonyofpadua-buffalo.org. Our parish has an EF Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days. Fr Secondo Casarotto is a great Pastor and we … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: visiting priest ad libs – what to do?

From a reader: We had a visiting priest this weekend and our parish and there was a lot of ad libbing (particularly during the Eucharistic Prayer). There was even some fumbling at the words of consecration, but I figure that … Continue reading

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QUAERUNTUR: lots of picky questions about minor orders and liturgical roles

A very enthusiastic reader sent the following list of questions. I don’t like lsits of questions.  I generally like to deal with them one at a time. Still… I will give some response according to my lights. My emphases and … Continue reading

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Start praying… or else!

Biretta tip to the great Fr. Blake,  o{]:¬)  PP in Brighton! I don’t think we want this… so we had better pray for vocations! Now! Start praying!

UPDATE 2228 GMT Some people don’t think this is funny.  I do.  … Continue reading

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Highest Mass… ever

It might be hard to beat this for a High Mass. From CNA: Priest brothers celebrate Mass on 20,320-foot Mt. McKinleyBy Joel Davidson, Catholicanchor.org Anchorage, Alaska, Aug 9, 2009 / 02:21 pm (CNA).- What is believed to be the first … Continue reading

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UN Disabilities Treaty: language about “sexual and reproductive health”

Are what the Obama Administration says and what the Obama Administration does in variance with each other? Are they telling the truth when they talk about reducing abortions? The following should give you some food for thought. This is in … Continue reading

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