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I had this note from a reader: The Archdiocese of Saint Louis is adding new courses to the Paul VI Pontifical Institute offering. Of special note: LT 102 LITURGICAL LATIN BASICS                 Topics: (1) how to pronounce and sing key elements … Continue reading

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Some recent entries

Some entries for your attention in case you missed them or you are new here. First, some business… Want to comment? SELF-REGISTRATION OPEN Also, I want to draw your attention to this, especially if you live anywhere near Merchantville, NJ. … Continue reading

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Twitter Reminder

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Radical NGO works on UN to call abortionists “Human Rights Defenders”

An article posted on the indispensable C-FAM with my emphases and comments. Volume 12, Number 35 August 13, 2009Radical NGO Paints Abortionists as Human Rights Defenders By Samantha Singson (NEW YORK – C-FAM)  In a recently released report from the … Continue reading

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Drilling into an article on “active participation”

I discovered on CNA a interesting feature. Louie Verrecchio writes a column called Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II.  One of his columns concerns active participation in the liturgy. WDTPRS has been working to spread a correct understand of active … Continue reading

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Spain’s Justice Minister says doctors not allowed to object to abortion

Think about this. If it can happen there, it can happen here. Proof: There actually has to be a discussion in the USA about "conscience clauses". This is from CNA: Spain’s Justice Minister says doctors not allowed to object to … Continue reading

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Hurting the ear of God

You will want to pay attention to this and read it carefully. Here is a provocative line: The successes and failures of the expansion of Christianity are often mirrored precisely by the practice of this slaughter [of babies and children]. … Continue reading

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Liberals pit the experience of the individual during Mass against the assembly. Most liberals think congregations should be nearly constrained to do everything everyone else does (including what the priest does). Is it possible that the Novus Ordo lends itself … Continue reading

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