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New liturgical provisions? Maybe not.

I didn’t write on this before, though I usually follow the intrepid Andrea Tornelli when he writes about liturgical things.  Still… this struck me as a little odd, for one, and I was really busy. Have a look at this … Continue reading

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another grrrrr update

As you know I have been having some rather serious computer problems. Last week I managed to back up some files when I had gotten it working for a while. Then it crashed again and I decided to let it … Continue reading

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The end of liturgical dance

From a friend: “If you deliver the Ammonites into my power,” he said, “whoever comes out of the doors of my house to meet me when I return in triumph from the Ammonites shall belong to the LORD. I shall … Continue reading

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Taking notice of America taking notice of The Bitter Pill

Here is something in passing, just so you know what is going on. This, from the leftist America magazine published by the Jesuits.  It is a piece about the recent training conference in the Archdiocese of Westminster for priests to … Continue reading

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Chinese market

Such interesting things to try.

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NCReporter whines about Bp. Slattery’s choice for “ad orientem”

From the dissenting ultra-liberal National Catholic Reporter comes this whiny piece jabbing at the Bishop of Tulsa, Most Rev. Edward Slattery, over his choice to offer Holy Mass ad orientem versus when in the cathedral. Let’s have a look with … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Sunday’s Mass on Monday

From a reader: A local parish has a Spanish-language Mass on Monday night, but uses Sunday’s liturgy.  Is this ever allowed, even with a dispensation?  If so, would it fulfill one’s Sunday obligation?  It seems very strange to me.   … Continue reading

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A bishop’s second “career”

This comes from Catholic American Eyes in Korea and The Western Confucian: The hospice movement in Korea is going strong. It is the care of the sick and the dying by people who have been trained to do this service … Continue reading

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An “ineffable” sighting

From The Four Quartets: "The Dry Salvages" by T.S. Eliot:     It seems, as one becomes older, That the past has another pattern, and ceases to be a mere sequence— Or even development: the latter a partial fallacy Encouraged … Continue reading

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