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I have spent says doing things electronic and computerine.  Time for a break.
A damp Oriole.  The male Orioles should be leaving soon, alas.

This fellow… um… gal… specializes in eating fish from Sabine Pond.

Something different. 

On Sabine Pond, by Monet.

More Orioles.


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Blog slow today

As I fix computers at home, the blog is running veerrryyyyy sllllloowwwwwwlllllyyyyyy…..
Not all the time, but… from time to time during the day I have noticed that it takes a while to load pages, etc.
From the blog itself:
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NCR’s Sr. Fiedler gushes over the death of the late pro-abortion Catholic Senator

At the passing of the… do we have to hear the cliche one more time… okay “liberal lion” of the Senate, absolutely committed pro-abortion Catholic Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), reactions – especially panegyrics – are coming in from the weak-identity … Continue reading

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News of Bp. Martino?

I understand that Bp. Martino of Scranton, who has been a good pro-life, pro-Catholic identity, voice may be stepping down for reasons of poor health.
It would be a work of mercy to pray for His Excellency’s health!

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Recent survey concerning the TLM: 2-1 of those with opinions favor a TLM option

A reader alerted me – mired as I was in the midst of computer battles – about a survey recently conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate of Jesuit run Georgetown University about the availability of the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: yet another absolution formula variation

From a reader:
I went to confession yesterday and the priest used the form "I absolve you of all your sins" instead of "I absolve you of your sins". I asked the priest and he said this was the approved English … Continue reading

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grrrr update – the Cylons have been repulsed

Well, I managed to get the mothership working again.  For the time being the Cylons have been repulsed.
We shall see, but so far so good.
I did this through several steps. 
Unseating and reseating my video card got me in long … Continue reading

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Attention Minnesotans (et al.)

The Minnesota State Fair is a huge summer event, and I do mean huge.
A reader of the blog just alerted me to a Catholic initiative at the Fair.  Here is the text I was sent.
It’s one of the few things … Continue reading

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Archbp. Chaput on Obamacare: promoting abortion is not “common ground”

Archbp. Chaput has stepped up once again about the Obama Administrations proposals for "health care".  Here is the Archbishop’s column.
REMINDER: During his speech at the Notre Dame Debacle, President Obama referred repeatedly to "common ground".
My emphases and comments.
Health care and … Continue reading

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