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The Tablet.. er.. RU-486… pitting Archbp. Nichols v Pope Benedict

The great Fr. Blake of Brighton, made this comment on his blog for St. Mary Magdalen. The Tablet’s editor and her deputy have been invited to resign by James MacMillan, because of their attempt to stir up trouble between Archbishop … Continue reading

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Will the Obama Kennedy Eulogy be Notre Dame II?

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The Exceptional Catholic

Is it true that Pres. Obama is slated to give a eulogy during a Funeral Mass for the late Sen. Kennedy? I am not quite sure, but this is what the news reports are suggesting. I’m just askin’ If so…. … Continue reading

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What did George Weigel write about Mr. Winters?

By now you have read here or elsewhere America and RU-486 contributor Michael Sean Winters’ philippic against Patrick Madrid.  I covered that HERE. What did George Weigel write about Mr. Winters: By combining low-grade sourcing, a faux-authoritative voice, and leftist … Continue reading

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Consecration of a chalice in the traditional Roman manner

A Catholic Life has a great entry about the consecration of a chalice in the older, traditional older Roman Rite.  Be sure to check it out!  

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QUAERITUR: priest adds words to the consecration

From a reader: I had a question regarding a practice that occurs at my parish. One of our associates who offers Mass changes words here and there which I know do not invalidate the Mass, although it is a serious … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: use of a microphone during a TLM Canon

From a reader: a new tlm has begun in my town and some newcomers have complained about inaudibility and wanting to hear every prayer in order to better understand.  those in charge have put a mic on the priest and … Continue reading

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Return of a blogger: once an Anglican priest, now a Catholic layman

FYI, Jeffrey Steel, former Anglican clergyman and now a Catholic layman, has returned to blogging at de cura animarum. WDTPRS will be watching and reading with interest!

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True ecumenism

True ecumenism… brick by brick… Episcopal nuns in Archdiocese of Baltimore to join Catholic Church By George P. Matysek Jr. gmatysek@catholicreview.org [Mother Christina Christie (left), Sister Mary Joan Walker and Sister Emily Ann Lindsey depart the chapel of the All … Continue reading

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Fr. Sirico: Sen. Kennedy and also cultural Catholics whoe “relinquish the substance of the faith if it gets in the way”

On the site of National Review our friend Fr. Robert Sirico has an obituary for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy. Kennedy the Catholic    [Rev. Robert A. Sirico] I only met Edward Kennedy once. I had been invited to visit then-senator … Continue reading

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St. Monica’s tomb

This is the chapel in the church of St. Augustine in Rome (literally across the street from my back door when in the City) where the mortal remains of St. Monica (+387), the mother of Augustine of Hippo now rest. … Continue reading

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Why priests should sing during Holy Mass

The August newletter of the USCCB’s Committee on Divine Liturgy has some pages dedicated to music for the upcoming translation of the Roman Missal.  Among the points made by the Committee… Why Should Priests Sing? The ICEL introduction to the … Continue reading

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The 1964 Hyannisport Conclave: Catholic leaders teaching Catholic pols how to ignore evil

Back in January, the Wall Street Journal had an article about how the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, Catholic and staunchy pro-abortion, came to embrace the pro-abortion position he championed for decades in the most public way possible. The article was … Continue reading

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America writer attacks critics of Sen. Kennedy: don’t mention his abortion record

In the lefty Jesuit weekly, something called America, there is a strong attack on, well, pretty much anyone who didn’t think that late Sen. Kennedy was just the bees knees.  Singled out for a pouring of the choicest liberal acid … Continue reading

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Comments in the press about Sen. Kennedy’s passing: the abortion issue does surface

From HeadlineBistro with my characteristic treatment of emphases and comments: Kennedy’s Priest Discusses the Role of Faith in the Senator’s Life and Death Rev. Patrick Tarrant of Our lady of Victory Church, priest to the Kennedy clan, discussed with TheBostonChannel.com … Continue reading

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