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The Holy Father’s new Ferula

You may have seen that the Holy Father has a new ferula, in place of the older one from the time of Bl. Pius IX. Pope Benedict began his pontificate using the staff of the late John Paul II.  Then … Continue reading

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A Brit chimes in about Bp. Tobin and pro-abortion Rep. P. Kennedy (D-RI)

I received this by e-mail from a reader in the UK.  I think he puts it well: Dear Father Z I feel moved to comment on the furore concerning Bishop Tobin and  Senator Kennedy, <font color="#ff0000"><b>[Representative or Congressman Kennedy.  The … Continue reading

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An oldie PODCAzT about an Advent hymn

An oldie PODCAzT about an Advent hymn. As I wrote back then: I decided during Advent to drill into the hymns in the Liturgia Horarum.  We begin today with the hymn for Vespers called Conditor alme siderum, with its variation … Continue reading

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A little … not so little… project for US Catholic bloggers

Under my entry about the group of political hacks, faux Catholics called Catholic Democrats (aka Sycophantic Toadies), I offered the following: ALL: You will have read in the main entry that Sycophantic Toadies will even write your letter to the … Continue reading

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REVIEW: St. Antoine Daniel Gregorian Chant Ordinaries (and Fr. Z rants)

At what became my home parish back in my native place, on Saturday mornings there was always a modest sung Mass in Latin, with incense and Gregorian chant.  People would file into the chapel and take from a basket to … Continue reading

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New Benedictine Ferula

NLM has this: Tomorrow Pope Benedict will celebrate Pontifical Vespers as the first Vespers of the first Sunday of Advent, which also marks the beginning of the new liturgical year. On this occasion, the Holy Father will begin to use … Continue reading

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“Catholic Democrats” … “Sycophantic Toadies”… take your pick

Just how deeply sycophantic are the political toadies of the group Catholic Democrats? They are worked up about the interchange between Bp. Tobin of Providence and pro-abortion Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI).  The group Catholic Democrats want abortion as part of … Continue reading

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Three good posts by Fr. Longenecker on Anglican Provisions

Fr. Dwight Longenencker has three very good recent posts on the Anglican Provisions issue: Women’s Ordination in Context The English Ordinariate Anglicanorum coetibus – what next? 

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What’s up with that vampire thing… revisited

In another entry I ask "What’s up with that?" when it comes to the whole vampire thing and movie theatres filled with women. In this week’s Catholic Herald, the best Catholic weekly in the UK, there is an article by … Continue reading

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Third (final?) phase in Catholic/Anglican dialogue?

From CNA: Third phase of Catholic/Anglican dialogue to include cooperative investigation of ‘divisive‘ issues Vatican City, Nov 27, 2009 / 02:33 am (CNA).- An interview on Vatican Radio Wednesday morning revealed that the third phase of official dialogue between the … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict to beatify John Henry Newman in England

Here is some news in the best Catholic weekly in the UK, The Catholic Herald: Pope Benedict plans to beatify Newman during visit to BritainBy Simon Caldwell 27 November 2009 The Pope is to waive his own rules so he … Continue reading

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Okay… what I suspected yesterday seems to be coming to pass. Not feeling well has turned into feeling really sick.   Cold sweat, dizzy, weak, all that… So.. prayers, please.

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What Does Pres. Obama’s Proclamation Really Say?

From the site of the White House comes the Thanksgiving Day Proclamation by Pres. Barak Hussein Obama: You will want to read this with your own eye and ear to the sort of language used and the concepts behind that … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Day Proclamation… just weeks before his death

A Thanksgiving Day Proclamation… just weeks before his death: PROCLAMATION 3560 : THANKSGIVING DAY.NOVEMBER 5, 1963.BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION: Over three centuries ago, our forefathers in Virginia and in Massachusetts, far from home … Continue reading

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