O antiphons site – revived

Years ago I created a small site about O Antiphons.  One of our frequent readers here asked me to repost it.

Here you go!

Click HERE.

It is a little primitive by today’s fancy standards, but it might still be useful.

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7 Responses to O antiphons site – revived

  1. NDPhys says:

    Thanks, Father! I searched through the archives last night to find the entries from last year where I remembered seeing a link to this collection. I especially enjoyed the reflections as a nice daily meditation.

  2. Ioannes Andreades says:

    Thanks for reposting that!

    I had forgotten that the words of the o-antiphons spelled backwards is ero cras. It made me think of this that I just read over at NLM about how the gospels of the Sundays of Advent (1962 Missal…of course) are backwards as well. Very cool!

  3. Laurinda1230 says:

    I haven’t been around long enough to have caught this before so I am happy that you reposted it! Thank you, Father!

  4. Tominellay says:

    …enjoying…thank you!

  5. scaron says:

    Beautiful Father! thank you.

  6. An American Mother says:

    Excellent, beautiful.

    I learned a new thing today.

    And I have forwarded it to our music director, maybe we can use the antiphons . . . next year if not this.

    By the way, our musical offerings at the Orthodox Cathedral were received with enthusiasm. And their choir has been invited to our parish in the spring. This could become a very fruitful exchange, culturally and otherwise.

  7. michelelyl says:

    I’m posting each of the O Antiphons on my facebook page daily and sent them home (with an explanation) with the Religious Education Families last night to pray for the Octave of Advent.