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Chosing bishops

At Stella Borealis, which blog covers churchy news of my native place and region, there is an interesting entry about the appointment of bishops in the zone… and a brief description of how appointments are made. Search for a new … Continue reading

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How do they manage?

Okay… I am watching the news and the East Coast newsies are worked up about how cold it is there, as if the temperatures on the East Coast are somehow… I don’t know… news.  Oh… it’s so very cold.  Brrr… … Continue reading

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Return to the Kindle question

On my last airplane trip, I sat by a guy using a Kindle.  He thought it was great. We had a question about Kindle here on the blog before.  But now that the gadget has been out for a while, … Continue reading

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A cautionary tale about why we must NEVER stop praying for priests

I read the news that former priest and liberal critic of the Catholic Church James Kavanaugh died at the age of 81.  The story is on mlive.com. One of my spies told me something that the obituary does not mention: … Continue reading

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Out with the old, in with the new director of the Sistine Chapel Choir

Although not recently, I have on several occasions mentioned that with the ousting of former papal master of ceremonies Piero Marini, and the beginning of a new approach to papal liturgies with the arrival of Msgr. Guido Marini, it was … Continue reading

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Reminder: Blessing chalk, houses on Epiphany

Wednesday is 6 January and therefore Epiphany. Don’t forget, Fathers, the wonderful tradition of blessing chalk and houses. (In other words, get some chalk today, if you don’t already have some.)

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Lentil purée with croutons and escarole… sort of…

Some time ago a friend gave me a subscription to a great food magazine called La Cucina Italiana.  If feasible I try to make at least a couple things from each issue.  The last issue has a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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Tall building

Today the world’s tallest building is being inaugurated. I mean, of course, the Burj Building in Dubai. When will someone try to bring this one down? Or is it "safe" because it is in an Arab, Islamic country? I don’t … Continue reading

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A kind of contrapasso

Remember the story about the Anglican priest, Fr. Tim Jones in York, who advised poor people to ignore one of the commandments of the Decalogue and go ahead and steal? There has been a development in Father’s life. A reader … Continue reading

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