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WDTPRS stuff “in situ”

Have you brought some WDTPRS things? A Save The Liturgy mug?  A Say the Black button? Send a photo of your swag in the wild!

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A reaction to Pres. Obama’s “terror speech”

Once again we hear that we need a greater use of technology… blah blah… Okay, let’s do that.  What is the projected budget for the U.S.?  How much money would it take to change the way we approach and actually … Continue reading

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Fr. Z’s predictions for 2010

I have had over a dozen e-mail requests for my predictions for 2010.  I’ll dash off a few just for fun!  Animi caussa! The TLM will continue to get traction as aging-hippies leave the scene and younger priests with less … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 98: A chat with Fr. Finigan; a special Epiphany blessing

Here is a quick PODCAzT which includes a conversation over skype with His Hermeneuticalness himself, Fr. Timothy Finigan, parish priest in Blackfen, Kent. Then I go on with multiple digressions about a special blessings in the pre-Conciliar Rituale Romanum for … Continue reading

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ASIANEWS: Underground Bishop of Xiwanzi dies, security tightened for funeral

Lest we get too involved with our oh-so-difficult problems in our parishes or dioceses…. From AsiaNews: Underground Bishop of Xiwanzi dies, security tightened for funeralby Zhen Yuan Although the area is under heavy snow, thousands of faithful are expected for … Continue reading

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Bp. Vasa’s (D. Baker) 2010 predictions

A reader sent me this serious yet amusing bit: The following hoaxes/myths will be exposed in 2010: Manmade global warmingAtheistic evolutionRelativism is the only absoluteAbortion is "health care"Nobody can do health care better than the governmentA Catholic can be pro-choiceThe government … Continue reading

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Your good news

Do you have some good news to pass along to otherwise shell-shocked readers? I will start it off.  It turns out that after lots of tests my mother does not have bone cancer after all.  Pretty good news.

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QUAERITUR: reading Liturgy of Hours on iPhone during Adoration

From a reader: I purchased an iPhone this weekend, and have downloaded the ibreviary so far it works great. I was wondering if it would be appropriate to use my ibreviary during adoration. I typically will bring along one of … Continue reading

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A cautionary tale in France

Sometimes it seems that the trajectory of your life is to serve a a warning to otheres not to go down the same path you took. His rebus dictis, there is a truly bizarre dust up in France in a … Continue reading

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Malaysia: hackers’ cyber attack Catholic newpaper

Watch for a lot more of this in the future. From CNA: Malaysian protesters and hackers target Catholic newspaper after ‘Allah’ ruling Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jan 5, 2010 / 04:08 am (CNA).- Following the Malaysian High Court’s approval of a … Continue reading

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Positive news about the talks between the SSPX and Holy See

The always interesting Rorate as well as the experts of liturgical eye-candy NLM, not to mention the Italian site messainlatino.it all get my biretta tip for this.        I share it here to make it known to a wider group of … Continue reading

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