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USGS map of earthquake activity

The USGS has an realtime updated map of recent earthquake activity.

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WSJ: “As the Flame of Catholic Dissent Dies Out “

I missed this yesterday in the WSJ.  My emphases and comments. As the Flame of Catholic Dissent Dies Out By CHARLOTTE ALLEN Mary Daly, a retired professor at Boston College who was probably the most outré of all the dissident … Continue reading

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Want to help Haitians? Be careful of scams!

If you are interested in donating money to help Haitians, be careful to check that the organization is legit. Here is a link to a Fox News story.  I am sure there is other coverage from different outlets. Sapienti pauca.

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Haiti: “Everywhere, you can hear cries from under the rubble”

Fr. Finigan posted this on his fine blog The Hermeneutic of Continuity.  I reproduce part of it here. I have received via email a report from Mgr John Dale, the National Director of Missio concerning the disaster in Haiti: After … Continue reading

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For Latin Students – Fr. Foster’s Summer intensive course – in the USA!

I received this about Fr. Reginald Foster’s Summer Latin course, as well as another course, … to be taught in the USA rather than in Rome! UNIVERSUM  LATINITATIS  CURRICULUM A.    Annua Exercitatio Communis •    Milvauchiae mense Octobri ad Maium•    in … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict may have told Card. Schönborn to be careful about Medjugorje

Catholic Light has an interesting piece, translated from Italian on Petrus. Pope Benedict to Schönborn: Be careful about Medjugorje Rumors from the "Sacri Palazzi": the Pontiff calls Cardinal Schönborn into line: "More prudence about Medjugorje". The cardinal traveled there December … Continue reading

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UPDATES BELOW! I have an ACTION ITEM for you! There is a profoundly dopey poll on a new blog called "Stand Up For Vatican II".  They are polling on "Has the Church abandoned Vatican II?". The idea behind this blog … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: two-sided Crucifix for Mass “facing the people”

From a reader: Our parish priest, who says the NO in the parish church and the EF in another church in the parish , came up with this idea.   For the Mass in English he places a crucifix on the … Continue reading

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Sec. State Clinton Announces 5-year Funding Push, Including Abortion

As a follow up to my retrospect post about the first year of Pres. Obama’s Administration and the Vatican and "Common Ground", look at this from the very useful C-Fam. Volume 13, Number 5January 14, 2010Secretary Clinton Announces 5-year Funding … Continue reading

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Senate candidate Martha Coakley (D-MA) on “conscience clause”

Someone alerted me to a comment made by a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat for Massachusetts Martha Coakley (D-MA). Kathryn Lopez of National Review picked it up. Thursday, January 14, 2010 It’s a Good Thing for Martha Coakley That … Continue reading

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Old Mass/new Mass thoughts – part 2

A few days ago I posted a Request from Fr. Z for old Mass/new Mass thoughts, especially in view of your age.  I suggested that you e-mail me instead of just posting in the combox.  Wow, was that a mistake.   … Continue reading

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Some last images of San Francisco

I has been a few years since I have been in this interesting city. From my hotel room. On the ferry. From my room. I had forgotten how interesting this town is. I look foward to coming back.

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