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POLL ALERT! This is a nice one!

ACTION ITEM for WDTPRSer LAY PEOPLE! It is nice to be able to give a good poll some visibility. Over at NLM I saw a worthy poll offered to lay people about whether or not you pray the Liturgy of … Continue reading

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Imaginary book titles

I was paging through a bird book and found some sections which struck me as being rather like the titles of books. Imagine a Ludlum novel called… THE EMPIDONAX COMPLEX Or a LeCarre book called… The Accidental Flycatchers Or an … Continue reading

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Traditionalist priest in Verona, Italy acts up as Pope visits Roman synagogue

I read some alarming news in a spectacularly poorly written ANSA piece. Most of the article is simply less-than-well-informed blather.  The bad bit comes at the end. Meanwhile, followers of the Lefebvre community in Verona announced on Friday they would … Continue reading

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There are lots of hungry Chickadees at the feeders these days.  They are among my favorites, probably because they are nearly fearless. Here is a little focus on Chickadees. Windy day.    

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Stitch by Stitch for the Benedictines of Mary

Some interesting new came from a reader about one of my favorite groups of sisters in the USA, the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, near Kansas City, MO. The sisters make vestments rather more traditional Gothic and Roman designs, … Continue reading

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New Vesperale to come out soon?

I picked this up on the site of MusicaSacra Forum. Gregorian Chant: General: Vesperale for Sundays and Feasts to be expected next week A Vesperale is the book used for the singing of Vespers in Latin. Furthermore, the Abbot of … Continue reading

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The Pope of Christian Unity address the CDF

Remember to refer to Pope Benedict as "the Pope of Christian Unity"… for indeed he is. Liberals will try to cling to what they perceive as their right to define what ecumenism means as well as with whom and how … Continue reading

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Old Mass/new Mass thoughts – part 3

Under another entry there has been some consideration of the age of Catholics who prefer the newer form of the Roman Rite, the Novus Ordo.  Some suggest that people of a certain age may be more interested in the Novus … Continue reading

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Purgamentum init, exit purgamentum

Many years ago I had a philosophy prof, former Marine and great brilliant gentleman, who in his gruff way spoke to us about insanity. He observed that insane minds produced bad results, not in conformity with reality.  But in the … Continue reading

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Recent Posts of Interest… some links

Here are a few posts of interest which have scrolled off. Request from Fr. Z for old Mass/new Mass thoughts – Part 1 Old Mass/new Mass thoughts – part 2 FEEDBACK: “I am 59 years old and like the current … Continue reading

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