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Arlen Specter and Michelle Bachman

Holy cow… [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnIxgNucioA] Goodbye, Arlen Specter!

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The Tablet’s bizzare report on Medjugorje, Card. Schönborn

And now for one of the most absurd interpretations of news you will ever read. This is either pure ignorance or deliberate misdirection. Either way it is from RU-486 (aka The Bitter Pill aka The Tablet). Church in the World … Continue reading

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SCOTUS decision on free-speech and campaign contributions.

Did you see that SCOTUS ruled on campaign contributions?  Apparently, the Supreme Court says that the !st Amendment, free-speech rights, permit corporations and labor unions to spend money on political campaigns. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion, which reads … Continue reading

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Catholic Herald editorial: “Benedict XVI is truly the Pope of Christian Unity”

The UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, has an editorial with a title which may sound familiar to readers of WDTPRS. My original post about a project. This comes during the Week for Christian Unity. My emphases and comments. … Continue reading

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Question for readers: Masses in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

A reader asked in an email what I thought about Masses celebrated in honor of the late civil rights figure Martin Luther King, Jr. I was not paying attention to this or acutely aware that this was being done. I … Continue reading

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Agnes… lambs… Popes…. nuns… pallia

The Holy Father blessed lambs today, the feast of St. Agnes, as usual. The lambs are associated with Agnes, because of the Latin similarity of their names, Agnes and agnus.  Get it? Those sisters in the background are Benedictine nuns … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Do you want all English Masses eliminated?

From a reader (emphasis in the original): Do you want all English Masses eliminated, or a weekly Latin Mass at each parish, or what?  Our priest has said that everything that has happened in the last forty years has been  … Continue reading

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21 January: St. Agnes of Rome, virgin and martyr

Here is something I have posted in the past… about St. Agnes of Rome.  Newcomers to WDTPRS may not have seen it. Behold the skull of Agnes. The dies natalis ("birthday into heaven") of Agnes was recorded in the register … Continue reading

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Irritated: flight diverted because a man was praying

Okay… I am a little steamed about this. From FoxNews. Plane Quarantined After Being Diverted to Philadelphia Thursday, January 21, 2010  A flight was diverted to Philadelphia from LaGuardia Airport after a passenger was reportedly mistaken for having a bomb. … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Pre-Conciliar Masses for the deaf

From a reader: I have often wondered if there was any specially approved liturgy for profoundly/ severely  deaf people prior to the liturgical reforms of the ’60s? Surely, there must have been some adaptations of the Tridentine Mass to accomadate … Continue reading

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A rescue from the rubble of the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince

A reader alerted me to this on the blog of Caritas.org. A second woman was rescued by the Caritas team from the ruins of Port-au-Prince’s Cathedral. Earlier, a Caritas organized Search and Rescue team has pulled a woman out from … Continue reading

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