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Will Robby George become the new spokesman for the pro-life movement?

Robby George speaks: ttp://www.c-fam.org/publications/id.1562/pub_detail.asp “Abortion and embryo-destructive research are at the heart of the divide between the nation’s major political parties,” Professor Robert George said, galvanizing support for the pro-life plank in the Republican Party while drawing disaffected Democrats to … Continue reading

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I am at the SOS Dinner in Kansas City. This is an annual event in support of seminarians.

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“Do I get to come home?”

President Obama wants to kill NASA and the space program. In reference to the poor little rover Spirit, stuck on Mars, a reader sent this cartoon: Sniff. I must admit I also hated Toy Story, one of the saddest movies … Continue reading

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I’ve always wanted to be a landlord

As we were zooming around in Kansas City today, looking at sites, we stopped in at the HQ of the National Catholic Reporter. The building is actually for sale.  They say location is very important and NCR’s building is within … Continue reading

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Kansas City – support of seminarians

Tonight I will be able to attend an event in Kansas City, MO, an annual dinner in support of seminarians of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO and the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KA.  As you know, Bp. Finn … Continue reading

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Pres. Obama and space exploration.

Pres. Obama is probably going to try to kill the space program. I deplore this. This is a move that we should all reject, rebuke and protest. Mr. President… if you are going to cut something, try the Department of … Continue reading

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Conception Abbey, MO

Yesterday evening I was able to visit Conception Abbey, MO. Conception was founded by a monk, Frowin, from Engelberg Abbey in Switzerland.   The Abbey shows a real influence of Beuron, with is distinctive artistic style.  The monks even wear … Continue reading

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Following TEAM RUBICON in Haiti – getting better

Team Rubicon is a self-financed and self-deployed group of former Marines, soldiers firefighters, Jesuits, health care professionals currently providing emergency relief in Haiti.  They provide their own security and deal with whatever they find.    Today we scoured the city … Continue reading

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“Whatever it is, I’m against it!”

Meanwhile… over in Spirit’s neighborhood, this via Astronomy Pic of the Day, Mars is in opposition! Yes, Mars is opposed today, even as the Moon is full. Explanation: Mars is at opposition tonight, opposite the Sun in planet Earth’s sky. … Continue reading

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