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DANGEROUS kids thrown out of school… we are safe again.

I learned from St. Louis Catholic, that a little kid was thrown out of school. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the photos above depict both the criminal and his weapon of choice. Another Columbine averted thanks to the quick wit of … Continue reading

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Dumb liberal idea #3464: Removing Holy Water during Lent

I noticed at Bonfire of the Vanities an entry profoundly dopey idea of removing Holy Water from fonts at the entrances of churches during Lent. I have written about this really dumb idea several times. Empty holy water fonts during … Continue reading

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Phone security tips

My recent horrible but happily resolved adventure with my lost phone has gotten me thinking about additional phone security. You can keep a lot of very important information on your phone these days.  Losing it could cause serious problems and … Continue reading

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Update on what I asked you to help me pray for

The other day I ask for your help by means of prayers for something very important that I had lost or was stolen in the Denver Airport.  When the thing didn’t turn up, I then asked if you would also … Continue reading

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Patients in Persistent Vegetative State can communicate

Some years ago I wrote an article for The Wanderer about nutrition and hydration of patients in a persistent vegetative state.  I urge you to look at that article.  Also look at what the CDF has to say about care … Continue reading

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Soul Wow

You all know that annoying "Shamwow" commercial? This is fun. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpqi56EWnQ8]

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Do you have good news?

Bring us up to date on your good news! I DO!

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