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WDTPRS – Thursday 2nd Week of Lent – “Prayer over the People” (2002MR)

A great new feature of the 2002 Missale Romanum in Latin is that for Lent the "Prayer over the people" or Oratio super populum has been revived as an option. This is a step in the right direction, to be … Continue reading

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Three monitors

Have any of you set up three monitors? On the mothership I have 2 identical monitors (a card with two digital heads). Could I plug in an additional graphics card and run a third monitor?

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Team RUBICON at it again in Chile!

I am glad to report that Team Rubicon is working in Chile. Remember what they did in Haiti? They are on the move!

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Remember!  1st Thursday is TODAY… make a plan. In this year dedicated to priests and prayer for priests, Holy Church has provided lay people with a special plenary indulgence on first Thursdays of each month. For the faithful, a plenary … Continue reading

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Merry del Val revisited; sundry digressions on Ratzinger and Horace and The Cardinal

Once upon a time the Secretary of State was not at the top of the heap in the Vatican Curia. Then came Pope Paul VI. To gain some historical perspective be sure to check the piece about Card. Merry del … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: sacred chrism

From a reader: The time for the annual Chrism Mass is nearing and I would like to ask you and your readers a question about the various essences added to the olive oil during the sacred rites.   Inquiry.  I am … Continue reading

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Roman exorcist says there are satanic groups in Vatican

There is a CNA post about something which is less than savory.  It might be useful to have some discussion here. Keep in mind that I discourage prurient interest in things having to do with the enemy of the soul … Continue reading

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