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NYC – 25 March – Solemn Mass for Life – Holy Innocents Church

I received this PRESS RELEASE: CARDINAL WILL PREACH AT SOLEMN MASS MARKING 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF PRO-LIFE ENCYCLICAL New York, March 21, 2010 – New York’s Agnus Dei Council of the Knights of Columbus announced today that Edward Cardinal Egan would … Continue reading

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Gerald Warner’s thunder about the abuse scandal and what caused it

The Telegraph offers this by Gerald Warner (Gerald Warner is an author, broadcaster, columnist and polemical commentator who writes about politics, religion, history, culture and society in general.) My emphases and comments: Catholic sex abuse scandal: time to sack trendy … Continue reading

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Pro-life Democrat voting stats on healthcare bill

From Jill Stanek: # The only pro-life Democrat to change his vote from a yes to a no due to the failure to include the Stupak-Pitts amendment was Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL), …. (Lipinski is the congressman for the district … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: priest gives horrible, erroneous counsel in confession; to whom do I turn?

From a reader: Christ has given me the heavy cross of same sex attractions to carry (I’m 26). Today I confessed matter regarding same sex activity and I was [get this] told by the Priest that I should get a … Continue reading

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Archbp. of Ottawa: kneel!

This is from The Gazette of Ottawa with my emphases and comments: Ottawa archbishop lays down law on kneelingTuesday, April 7, 2009By Jennifer Green OTTAWA — Ottawa’s archbishop has ordered all Catholics to conform in how they kneel during mass, despite … Continue reading

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Prayers for Pope Benedict

In checking the blog of His Hermeneuticalness this morning, I found… I am reminded that Pope Benedict does have a public email address: benedictxvi@vatican.va Now might be a good time to send a supportive and encouraging email. Obviously he is … Continue reading

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