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Manhattan blognic is UNDERWAY!

Good sized group came to Mass and now we are at the pub.

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Out and about again

It is another fine day in NYC for this Easter Monday, opening day (go Twins! go Red Sox!). I am waiting for the Statten Island Ferry. At the grave of Alexander Hamilton… the grave marker reads: The Patriot of incorruptible … Continue reading

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How willing is the Holy See to make necessary changes?

With a biretta tip to Damian  o{]:¬)   I found an editorial in the Daily Telegraph about the present controversy griping the Church.   My emphases and comments: Catholic Church has mishandled the paedophile cover-up furore Telegraph View: The Pope has … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: “low” Mass of the bishop in the Ordinary Form

From a reader: I recently had the opportunity to dine at my [bishop]’s Residence and we were invited into his private chapel after dinner to offer a prayer. A friend of mine and I then wondered if he celebrated Mass … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: how the Ceremonial of Bishops guides Novus Ordo worship

Let’s get some discussion going about this point concerning the Ordinary Form – Novus Ordo liturgy. From a reader via email: Is it proper for a priest to use the rubrics and prayers for priests contained in the Ceremonial of … Continue reading

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Writers so bad they defy even blogosphere invective

It may be that the MSM campaign against the Catholic Church is losing some steam.   They are therefore going to simply lash out with barely concealed hatred. Case in point: Check out the Boston Globe today and read a piece … Continue reading

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We arise from death to new life: OPENING DAY

Yes, folks, it is once again the season of the sport God loves best: baseball. Today, the forces of darkness are taking it on the chin. Over at SERVIAM we find an apt haiku in honor of such an important … Continue reading

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When Biases Trump Brains

Newsweek seems to be trying to outstrip even itself in its anti-Catholic, secularist biases.  Why else would they employ someone as thick as Lisa Miller as a religion editor? Miller has only one view of the Catholic Church: a secular … Continue reading

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