A brief comment about the stories concerning the author Alcuin Reid

Quite a few people, some of them perhaps from good will, are filling my inbox with email about stories recently published about Rev. Mr. Scott Reid, who writes under his name in religion (as I take it) Alcuin Reid.  You can stop sending me stories now.

People are seeking my comment on these stories. 

As I understand Reid’s situation, he was ordained a deacon in Melbourne in Australia and is now incardinated in the Diocese of Frejus-Toulon in France.  This means that the two dioceses must have had correspondence and that the Bishop of Frejus-Toulon was satisfied with what he received from Melbourne.

Otherwise, Reid has written some very good books, whose value depend on their research, arguments and insights.  If you want to know why people, including Card. Ratzinger, wrote prefaces to Reid’s books, read those prefaces.

In any event, I note that on an Australian site The Age, there is a story with a highly inflammatory title: "Pope helped tainted deacon by Rafael Epstein and Nick McKenzie".  I take it that that story is mainly an attempt to smear the Pope as well as the former and present Archbishops of Melbourne, Card. Pell and Archbishop Hart.  The story founds its trajectory on "concerns" and "has been told" but without anything about the sources, no names.

In the meantime, Rev. Mr. Reid is a deacon of the Diocese of Frejus-Toulon and the author of useful books, books which I intend to consult when opportune.

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One Response to A brief comment about the stories concerning the author Alcuin Reid

  1. Some people are sending me notes via email correcting my use of “Rev. Mr.” saying that I should write “Rev. Dr.”

    In the USA deacons are referred to as “Reverend Mister”. That is the form I use here.