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Papal con-fab with Cards. Sodano and Schoenborn

Did you see this communique from the Holy See Press Office about the meeting of Benedict XVI with Card. Sodano and Card. Schoenborn? I was about to work up a translation and then I found a note from a reader … Continue reading

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Vesuvius A.D. 79: How the people in Pompeii died.

Biretta tip to rogueclassicism, which directed me to an article about how the people in Pompeii died during the famous eruption of Vesuvius.  There is a scholarly article called "Lethal Thermal Impact at Periphery of Pyroclastic Surges: Evidences at Pompeii" … Continue reading

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Your good news

What’s going on with you?  What is your good news?

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Wow… just… wow…. That’s ugly.

At the Italian site Fides et Forma, Francesco Collafemina has posted photos of supremely ugly churches.  I mean… reeeeealllly ugly. This church is called Santa Monica.  I don’t think St. Monica or her son would be amused. And another view…. … Continue reading

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Rabbi’s reaction to SCOTUS nominee Kagan

From CNA about POTUS’s SCOTUS’s nominee: Rabbis say Kagan not a ‘kosher’ Supreme Court nominee Alexandria, Va., Jun 27, 2010 / 06:13 pm (CNA).- According to the National Rabbinical Alliance and its more than 850 Orthodox Jewish members, Supreme Court … Continue reading

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The dark of the moon

Did you see the Partial Lunar Eclipse? I saw on Spaceweather that a photographer in Australia, Geoff Sims, did, and shot some photos.  He put them together to show the outline of Earth’s shadow!

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Theologian says Jesus may not have died nailed to the Cross

From the Daily Telegraph comes this strange story   Jesus did not die on cross, says scholar Jesus may not have died nailed to the cross because there is no evidence that the Romans crucified prisoners two thousand years ago, a … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: wrong readings at Sunday TLM

From a reader: At my parish’s Extraordinary Form Mass this morning, the priest, I think accidentally, used the readings and prayers for the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost instead of those for the Fifth Sunday. Did this affect the validity of … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Collect – 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Let’s have a look at this week’s… COLLECT – (2002MR): Deus, qui, per adoptionem gratiae, lucis nos esse filios voluisti, praesta, quaesumus, ut errorum non involvamur tenebris, sed in splendore veritatis semper maneamus conspicui. According to the L&S the verb … Continue reading

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Facebook and 5000

Did you know that Facebook only allows 5000 friends? What’s with that? Follow on Twitter, at least…. @father Also… I just discovered that I can create ads on my Facebook page.  Who knew?

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For a friend

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The Feeder Feed

Some shots from the feeder. The expert grape jelly eater. A young male Oriole has found the bonus of a spider in his jelly. Young make Red-Breasted Grosbeak. A not so young male Red-Breasted Grosbeak. A seriously annoying young Hairy … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 106: John Henry Newman’s kindly light

In this PODCAzT we will drill into the Collect designated for the Memorial of soon-to-be Blessed John Henry Newman (+1890). I have as a surprise, a guest appearance by Fr. Timothy Finigan, who will read one of Newman’s famous works. … Continue reading

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LOOK! Up in the sky!

Space Weather News for June 25, 2010  SPACE STATION IN CONSTANT SUNLIGHT:  For the next few days, the  International Space Station (ISS) will be orbiting Earth in constant sunlight.  This sets the stage for a remarkable sky show.  Because … Continue reading

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Check a new blog on sacred music, Chant Cafe

Allow me please to direct your attention to a new blog of a friend of mine, Mr. Jeffrey Tucker, who is well-known as a Church musician.  He is editor of the journal Sacred Music, which for many years had been … Continue reading

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