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QUAERITUR: washing a shirt stained with the Precious Blood

From a reader:
I need immediate advice.  This morning my son spilled the Precious Blood on his shirt when receiving this morning.  There is no sacrarium in the Church.  I brought him home and washed the shirt in cold water which … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict on liturgy, catechesis, mystery, participation

Pope Benedict recently addressed priests of Rome brought together in the Basilica of St. John Lateran for an ecclesial convention on 15 June.
The Holy Father develops some themes that I have been working with and bashing you with over your … Continue reading

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Archbp. Chaput on liturgy and evangelization

H.E. Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, Archbishop of Denver has delivered a talk about evangelization and liturgical renewal.
You long-time readers by now have my liturgy speech down pat.   You know what I have to say about Pope … Continue reading

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PODCAzT 105: Augustine on the Baptist; don Camillo (Part VIII)

Today we welcome St. Augustine of Hippo (+430) who speaks to us from a sermon about St. John the Baptist on his feast day, the Feast of the Nativity of St. John.
Along the way you will hear a couple versions … Continue reading

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Newman Society Pilgrimage to England for Beatification

From the communication director of the Cardinal Newman Society:

I was wondering if you could assist us with a post on WDTPRS regarding the pilgrimage we are organizing to England for Newman’s beatification by the Holy … Continue reading

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NY – Long Island – Gregorian Chant Workshop 28-29 June

From a reader:
Gregorian Chant Workshopfor beginners and advanced musiciansJune 28 (Mon.) & 29 (Tues.)
Morning WorkshopWhen: 10:00am – 12:00pm, Mon. & Tues.(9:30am Registration on Monday)Where: St. Anthony’s High School, Chorus RoomFee: $25Evening WorkshopWhen: 7:30pm – 9:30pm, Mon. & Tues.(7:00pm Registration on … Continue reading

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St. John the Baptist: notes and oldie PODCAzT

Today is the Feast of the one whom the Lord called the greatest man ever born of woman.
Here is his entry in the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum:
Sollemnitas Nativitatis sancti Ioannis Baptistae, Praecursoris Domini, qui iam in utero … Continue reading

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POTUS and fathers

What POTUS stands for:
In an official presidential proclamation on the White House web site, he proclaimed:

Nurturing families come in many forms, and children may be raised by a father and mother, a single father, two fathers, a step … Continue reading

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Photos with legs

I remember well a conversation with a friend who is a photojournalist.  He said, "It doesn’t make any difference if it is clear.  If you have the photo, it’s gold.  But if it is good…"
Image of an era.
Continue reading

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Wimbledon Marathon Match: Mahut v Isner

Anyone watching this?
The match was carried over to today due to darkness yesterday.
As I write they are tied 38-38.
Records are being set.
Longest match in Wimbledon history.
Continue reading

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USA lives to play another day

Goals disallowed… hitting posts….

In case you are wondering… there were no baseball games on at this hour.

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Richard McBrien’s favorite bishops! Make popcorn.

When John Paul II came to the See of Peter in 1978 the Church was in the verge of splintering.  One of the late Pope’s greatest accomplishments was to drag us back from the edge of schism. 
Over many years, … Continue reading

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Alverno (Catholic) College has abortion advocacy groups on website

You might want to know about an online protest to Alverno College – a Catholic institution.
Here is the link.
Alverno College links to 10 abortion advocacy groups on their web site.
Since the Alverno College’s site is too fancy by half, you … Continue reading

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A new Prefect of Palaver?

I understand the intrepid Andrea Tornielli says Basel’s Bishop Kurt Koch could be the new Archon of Alliteration … ehem… Administrator of Assonance, … no, that’s not it … the new Capo of Concord… the new Director of Dialogue… ugh… … Continue reading

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What Would Pres. Bartlett Do?

President Bartlett would not fire Gen. McChrystal.
BTW… here is another example of a volcano influencing history.
It seems McChrystal and staff were stuck together for a long time because of the volcano in Iceland.
Do you get the feeling that for the … Continue reading

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