1 July: Aaron, brother of Moses

Before I forget, today, 1 July, is the feast of St. Aaron, the brother of Moses.

Here is his entry in the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum:

1. Commemoratio sancti Aaron, de tribu Levi, qui a Moyse fratre oleo sacro unctus est sacerdos Veteris Testamenti et in monte Hor depositus.

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9 Responses to 1 July: Aaron, brother of Moses

  1. Dr. Eric says:

    I just had this conversation with a person on Facebook, I showed him all Feasts of the OT Saints I could find. I couldn’t find Feasts for Moses, Jacob, Joseph and a few other big names. I did find Eleazar and some of the Matriarchs, I wasn’t expecting that.

    Also, on 20 July, the Feast of St. Elias, is when they bless the cars in at least 3 of the Eastern Churches.

  2. Dr. Eric: It has often happened that when I bless a car, it is soon after in an accident.

    One time a woman I had warned about this, and indeed had an accident, came back to say “Think how bad it would have been without the blessing!”

    I can’t help but think that perhaps Aaron is also a patron of priests.

  3. aquinas138 says:

    Here are the feast days of OT saints I have come across. I don’t have a copy of the modern Martyrology at home, so one should definitely double-check!

    Saint Melchisedech, August 26.
    Saint Abraham, October 9.
    Saint Moses, September 4.
    Saint Joshua, September 1.
    Saint Ezra, July 13.
    Saint Hosea, October 17.
    Saint Obadiah, November 19.
    Saint Jonah, September 21.
    Saint Elijah, July 20.
    Saint Elisha, June 14.
    Saint Jeremiah, May 1.
    Saint Samuel, August 20.
    Saint David, December 29.
    Saint Isaiah, May 9.
    Saint Job, May 10.
    Saint Zechariah, September 6.
    Saint Joel, October 19.
    Saint Amos, June 15.
    Saint Ezekiel, July 23.
    Saint Nahum, December 1.
    Saint Habakkuk, December 2.
    Saint Zephaniah, December 3.
    Saint Haggai, December 16.
    Saint Malachi, December 18.
    Saint Micah, December 21.
    All the Forefather Saints of Jesus Christ, December 24.

  4. Rob F. says:

    Thanks for that list, Aquinas138!

    The last entry reminds me of what I once read regarding the origin of tree trimming. On the feast of Saints Adam and Eve (ancestors of our Lord), people would decorate the Christmas tree with apples, representing their fall. In the evening, Christmas eve, they would light the candles representing their, and our, redemption.

    Today, most of us use showier baubles instead of apples, and safer illumination than candles.

  5. Dr. Eric says:

    I would also assume that St. Eleazar is also a patron of priests, Father as he is also in the martyrology and the son of Aaron and succeeded him.

  6. Dr. Eric says:

    I’ll have to ask some of my Eastern priest friends if they have the same experiences with car wrecks that you do, Father.

  7. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Belated thanks for this, and to Aquinas138 for the list!

    I would add St. Lot, not only (as far as can see) much neglected in general but, worse still, (ever more) bizarrely mistreated in various childrens’ Bible retellings and in commentaries (I wonder what the history of this unBiblical and unTraditional mistreatment is?). Daniélou, in ‘Le saints païens de l’acien testament’ (1956) notes the celebration of his Feast on 10 October according to the martyrologium: is that still so? The ‘Orthodox’ celebrate the Feast of St. Abraham and his nephew St. Lot on 9 October, according to one recent calendar I have seen.

    I would also add St. Ruth. Wondering when her Feast might be, I made my first acquaintance with an interesting site, sqpn.com, which has a well-worked out calendar of saints: it gave 1 November.

    It occurred to me further to wonder exactly what sort of “Moabitess” she was: that is, is she understood to be descended from St. Lot, and so he, as well as she, counted among the Holy Ancestors of Our Lord?

  8. aquinas138: What year is your edition of the Martyrology?

    ALL: When talking about feast days from a Martyrology, be sure to indicate which edition it is! They reflect different liturgical calendars.

  9. uptoncp says:

    It is a nice touch by the Celestial Ordo Compiler that the first High Priest of the old covenant is recalled on the same day as the Most Precious Blood of Christ, recalling that “almost all things, according to the law, are cleansed with blood: and without shedding of blood there is no remission.”