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QUAERITUR: sign of the Cross when passing a non-Catholic church

From a reader: I was taught to cross myself when passing by a Roman Catholic Church out of reverence for the Real Presence in the Eucharist that is present in that house of God. I live outside Washington D.C. and … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: Who is this? Baeolophus bicolor!

I think I have a new visitor at the feeder. I saw him once, yesterday. Another view. This is Tufted Titmouse!  Baeolophus bicolor. He pecks at seeds like a chickadee or jay. YIPPEE! Didn’t get along with the Grosbeak. Note … Continue reading

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Watch for more Vatican appointments

The very day the Card. Secretary of State was supposed to head out to Castel Gandolfo for a spell, we have an important curial appointment. Watch for more in the near future.

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2 August: Portiuncula Indulgence

To Midnight 2 August,  you can gain the "Portinuncula" Indulgence. Catholic Encyclopedia St. Francis, as you know, repaired three chapels. The third was popularly called the Portiuncula or the Little Portion, dedicated to St. Mary of the Angels.  It is … Continue reading

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Housekeeping notes

A few quick housekeeping notes. 1) To post comments you must register.  There is a link on the sidebar.  I have to approve your registration, which is not instantaneous.  Sometimes you have to wait, sometimes you don’t, depending on my … Continue reading

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