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Good news time

Any good news from the weekend? Was there any great point you heard in a Sunday sermon?

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Ice cream cones. And.. “They’ll like us when we win.”

From an episode of The West Wing: [youtube:]

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When the Pastor’s away, the DANGERMOUSE will…

Times have changed,And we’ve often rewound the clock,Since the Puritans got a shock,When they landed on Plymouth Rock.If today,Any shock they should try to stem,‘Stead of landing on Plymouth Rock,Plymouth Rock would land on them. In olden days a glimpse … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: lay Communion minister wouldn’t bless me

From a reader: Today I attended a mass at my university and had a difficult experience with one of the Eucharistic ministers. I approached with my hands folded in order to receive a blessing (no communion for me this time), … Continue reading

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New film about 1860 massacre of martyrs in Damascus

Via our friends at Rorate: From Corpus Christi Watershed: Award-winning filmmaker and Watershed staff member Eric Hinojosa has been living in Lebanon, working tirelessly to bring to fruition a documentary film about the Blessed Massabki Brothers, the Emir Abd El-Kader, … Continue reading

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The statue of Bl. John Henry Newman

Several good things come together in this story from the Birmingham Mail. Statue of Cardinal Newman to take pride of place during Papal visit Aug 18 2010 by Jasbir Authi, Birmingham Mail THE great nephew of legendary Birmingham author JRR … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Received baptism from SSPX – must I be conditionally baptized?

From a reader: I write inquiring about the validity of my baptism at the SSPX. I approached the Roman Catholic Parish in our area and inquired about this matter. The parish priest told me that i will be given a … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Communion, altar rails

A reader sent the following about Q&A in The Catholic Times, the official newspaper of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.  Father John Dietzen writes his column for Catholic News Service from his home in Peoria. So, I assume this … Continue reading

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Fr. Breen retracts his dissenting statement made on his video

I note on the site of CMR that the priest in the Diocese of Nashville, Fr. Joseph Breen, who posted a video some time ago containing his own dissident statements. The diocesan bishop, H.E. David Choby, gave Fr. Breen an … Continue reading

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WDTPRSer interest in Italian Photography TOUR

A question for the readers: Who would be interested in a tour in Italy focused, pardon the pun, especially on taking photos. Therefore, the places involved in the tour would be pretty photogenic, including the usual places Venice, Florence, Pisa, … Continue reading

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NCR’s John L. Allen on African symposium about dangers of Western Secularism

Here is a fascinating piece by John L. Allen, who sadly is still writing for the National Catholic Reporter.  In his posting Allen shows both his worth as a Catholic journalist along with his own positions.  He conveys useful information … Continue reading

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The Feeder… Stream

Some activity at the feeder. Watching the live stream these days you will often see the hummingbird feeder.   But you will sometimes see an unusual visitor. And then there is the usual visitor. Fun! In the meantime, this little guy … Continue reading

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Expert comments on the music for a Papal event in England

At The Chant Cafe my friend Jeffrey Tucker, a distinguished Church musician, has a few trenchant comments about some of the music for an even during the upcoming Papal Visit to England. My emphases and comments: Damian Thompson reports on … Continue reading

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MacMillan’s Mass settings for the Papal Visit to England

Here is some great news from The Catholic Herald, the UK’s best Catholic weekly.  Choirs prepare for papal Masses By Mark Greaves on Friday, 20 August 2010 Choirs across England, Wales and Scotland are rehearsing the new setting of the … Continue reading

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Pounds and Grounds and Compounds

I deeply admire religious communities who make and sell things to support their life and apostolates. Take for example the Carmelites behind Mystic Monk Coffee. How many pounds of coffee do you have to sell in order to build this? … Continue reading

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