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Request for prayers for two … three… priests

A request for prayers. A reader sent: Our beloved bishop, Bp. Choby [of Nashville], is having open heart surgery tomorrow. After several days of chest pain, he drove himself to the Emergency Room at St Thomas at 5 this morning, … Continue reading

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I enjoy getting photos of my coffee mugs out there being used in the wild. A reader writes: Ave Zedissime Pater, An example of "startin’ em off right!"  The red, the black, the Mother of God, and Christ the teacher… You remain … Continue reading

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A reflection on reordered churches

During my time in Manhattan this trip I have visited quite a few Catholic churches.  I have been amazed at how badly some of them have been mutilated, and stupidly so.  Some are still being mutilated according to tired old … Continue reading

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What was wrong with the old ICEL translation?

Every once in a while someone might ask you: What’s wrong with the translation we have?  Why do we need a new one? Fr. Finigan, to whom I fraternally tip my biretta  o{]:¬)  reminded us in one of his recent … Continue reading

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De Defectibus reconsidered: priests learning from the past, going to the heart of Mass

Last year I posted a version of this entry.  In light of some of our recent discussions here, I present it anew. Recently I have posted Vatican II and the Ordinary Form v. Extraordinary Form.  Good discussion is going on. … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro: Communism failed in Cuba

AP has a story that a writer for The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg, interviewed long-time Communist dictator for three days. During the interview, Casto admitted that Communism has failed in Cuba. HAVANA – Fidel Castro told a visiting American journalist that … Continue reading

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A blogger declares: “I’m Burning The NCReporter!”

From Acts Of The Apostacy with my emphases and comments:   Blogger: I’m Burning The NCReporter! (AoftheAP) A little-known central Kansas Catholic blogger has announced that he will burn a copy of the National Catholic Reporter on his front lawn … Continue reading

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Had the Star Spangled Banner been in Latin…

Some item ago, I posted the quintessential old ICEL oration: O God,you are so big.Help us to be big like you. The blog Last Papist Standing posted a hypothetical pre-reconstituted, lame-duck ICEL translation of a hypothetical Latin original of The … Continue reading

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The Indefatigable… The Insuperable… strikes!

I believe she has been called "The Human Uzi". She may be the best ironist of our times.  Love her.  Hate her.  She can write. Study and learn.  Ann CoulterBonfire of the Insanities In response to Gen David Petraeus’ denunciation … Continue reading

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The world must be peopled.

There was a lot of controversy in Rome when the Mosque was under construction.   I recall during that period hearing a translation of an Imam’s Friday sermon during which he said: "If we could not win with the long sword, … Continue reading

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