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Wherein I respond to a non-concern, and support Fr. Longenecker

I have had more than one emails from readers who are all excited about the possibility that Fr. Dwight Longenecker took a shot at me in one of his posts on his good blog Standing On My Head.
People see some … Continue reading

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Hard to imagine this is not a joke

I thought my friend Fr. Ray Blake, the illustrious P.P. of St. Mary Magdalen in Brighton, was having us on.
Then, to my horror, I realized he was in earnest.
The English bishops issued a species of chart, attempting to get equivalent … Continue reading

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The Holy Father’s special Popemobile for the upcoming visit to England

My good friend His Hermeueticalness, Fr. Tim Finigan, the parish priest of mighty Blackfen, has alerted me to this entry of great importance.
A special Popemobile has been developed for the Holy Father’s visit to England.  It seems it will reflect … Continue reading

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100 diverse Sacramentans bless the Quran with roses of love

A reader alerted me to this story from the Sacramento Bee.
Peace doves fly over Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
By Stephen Magagninismagagnini@sacbee.com
Published: Sunday, Sep. 12, 2010 – 12:00
 As 18 doves flew into the skies over the Cathedral of the Blessed … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Non-Catholic choir singing at St. Peter’s Basilica

From a reader:
In your valued opinion, and those of your readers, is it permissible/proper/desirable/good for a Protestant choir to sing at Mass in St Peter’s Basilica? Certainly the controversy over bad Catholic choirs being allowed to sing for Mass was … Continue reading

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