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Jesus GOD!… Does it have to be like this?

I cannot stand the UN.  The UN should go. That said…  for the love of God. I caught this, and this photo, in a CNN story.  The UN can give us some stats, but their solutions are not the right … Continue reading

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Fr. Z’s 5 Rules of Engagement for Summorum Pontificum

Folks, remember that as of 14 September 2007 the provisions of Summorum Pontificum are in force. The WDTPRS Rules are now in force too. Fr. Z’s 5 Rules of Engagement now that the Motu Proprio is in force: 1) Rejoice … Continue reading

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Thank you, Holy Father!

WDTPRS thanks Pope Benedict XVI for the great gift of Summorum Pontificum. ℣. Let us pray for Benedict, our Pope. ℟. May the Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver him … Continue reading

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Fragment of the Holy Cross

An old reliquary given to me long ago with a sliver of the Cross of Our Lord.

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VORTEX REPORT: What IS that … portentous plant? That… growth?

Some time ago I was in Kansas City, MO, and I posted about … …The Vortex. Sometime after a frequent participant here posted the comment: Somebody needs to determine the identity of the tree in the middle of . . … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: how to address a deacon?

From a reader: What is the correct form of address for a religious who is a deacon?  The internal lore of the community is that one retains "Brother" but some of the younger brothers are insisting on "Deacon."  I have … Continue reading

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Orthodox Bishop to Anglicans: you are doomed if you don’t stop

Remember what Card. Dias told the assembled Anglican leadership at Lambeth in 2008.  He said that their course indicates they are heading towards "spiritual Alzheimer’s" and "ecclesial Parkinson’s" Now here is another warning. This comes by of His Hermeuticalness, Fr. … Continue reading

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