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Benedict XVI’s presser on the airplane to Scotland

On the airplane winging to Scotland, the Holy Father took a few questions from journos during a brief presser. Q. – Your Holiness, … during the preparation for this journey there have been contrary discussions and positions. The country has … Continue reading

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PRAYER REQUEST for seminarian with inoperable brain tumor

I have in the past posted about the medical/health situation of a seminarian for the Diocese of Raleigh, Philip Johnson. He has received some bad news about the tumor in his brain. He has written about this on his blog … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: DEATH FROM ABOVE edition

I was sitting at my desk, writing the entry about Fr. Finigan’s annd Fr. Blake’s comments on the Mass at Glasgow and …. THWUMP! I saw the birds at the feeders scattering.  Something large had hit the window next to … Continue reading

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English priests comment on the Papal Mass in Glasgow

His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Finigan and the great PP of Brighton, Fr. Blake, share their views of the Papal Mass in Glasgow today. Be sure to visit their fine blogs. Some comments from Fr. Finigan about the Mass today: Liturgically, the … Continue reading

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Sounds from the Mass in Glasgow

Sounds from the Mass in Glasgow.

Also, a friend of mine is saying that Our Lord must have sent the Blessed Virgin and angels to clear the skies, given the demons that must be swirling around that Mass. Moreover, … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s sermon at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

Holy Father’s sermon in Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park with my emphases and comments. You will see here that the Pope is pressing something that I have for years been saying is at the heart of his pontificate: foster Catholic identity so … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Benedict XVI’s state visit to England and Scotland

The Holy Father is about to travel to the "hedonistic wasteland … the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death", and, judging from some of the nutty media coverage – Satan is irritated. I think Satan particularly hates this visit … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s state visit begins in Scotland

The Holy Father arrived in Scotland today and was greeted by Her Majesty the Queen at the beginning of this state visit. From VIS: Your Majesty, Thank you for your gracious invitation to make an official visit [not "pastoral" visit] … Continue reading

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