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POTUS again omits “Creator” from Declaration citation

From Creative Minority Report with my emphases and comments: Well, for all those who said it was just a slip of the tongue last time or that his speechwriters were to blame, Obama just made sure you knew that he … Continue reading

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2 October – Kansas City, KS – FSSP Ordination

Have you ever seen an ordination to the priesthood with the older, traditional Roman Rite…. A reader sent notice of the following: FSSP ORDINATION KANSAS CITY THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2 Rev. Mr David Kemna will be ordained to the priesthood … Continue reading

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Wyoming Catholic College update

Some of you will recall that I visited Wyoming Catholic College last winter.  I found it splendid. Here is an update from the WCC blog (in case you know young people trying to figure out where to go to college). … Continue reading

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Previously on RATS IN THE RECTORY (here). On the blog Southern Orders I saw that Fr. M has some news, as well as a very satisfying and at the same time disgusting photo. Well, I got access to a computer … Continue reading

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BLOG RENEWAL: Preview of comments

For those of you who like to have that last shot at previewing your comments before hitting that submit button… I believe I have a working Preview function up and running.

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Fr. Thomas Dubay, RIP

I just received word that Fr. Thomas Dubay, SM, has died. Please pray for the repose of his soul. Fr. Dubay was a fine author on issues of the spiritual life.  His books are very good.

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REVIEW: “Annunciation” by artist Daniel Mitsui

I am sure you remember my review of artist/illustrator Daniel Mitsui’s Crucifixion.  Mitsui has a blog called The Lion and the Cardinal, an obvious Patristic reference which never fails to delight me. Today I received another print from him, a … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Use of the beretta at Mass in the Ordinary Form

From a reader: Can a beretta be used in the OF? When would it be used? Yes, without question!   But make sure that it is clean and in good working order so that it doesn’t misfire. I would use … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: “Nice to see you!”, during Communion

From a reader: While about to receive Communion today I was told by a Eucharistic minister “nice to see you” immediately after she had said “Body of Christ,” to me. I had not even responded, “Amen” yet. Is this permissible? … Continue reading

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What’s your good news?

Do you have good news to share?

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The Tablet online edition = Grima Wormtongue

From the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, comes this analysis piece by William Oddie.  My emphases and comments. There are various perspectives from which we can view the papal visit: and one of them is as a PR … Continue reading

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