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IRELAND 20-22 Oct: TLM Workshop for Priests

In his pastoral letter to the faithful in Ireland, Our Holy Father said that a return to traditional Catholic practices is necessary.
From a reader:
Seminar for Priests and Seminarians
who would like to learn to celebrate the
Extraordinary Form
of the Latin Rite
or who … Continue reading

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Some people have written today, I don’t know why today especially, that there are problems with some of my older PODCAzTs.
I checked.  It looks like #47 and older aren’t loading because they were on a different server.  With the change … Continue reading

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Fr. Z rants about the Corrected Translation.

For those of you who missed it, I direct your attention to an important post at The Chant Cafe (whose motto is “Double Shots of Plainsong – No Foam”).  I am sure the cafe serves Mystic Monk Coffee, too!
Jeffrey Tucker … Continue reading

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Google Translate adds Latin translation tool

From The Daily Telegraph:

Google launches Latin translation tool
Google Translate, a service that can instantly translate entire web pages or chunks of text in to another language, has added Latin to its list.
Google Translate supports more than 50 languages, including minority … Continue reading

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St. Jerome’s final resting place

I have posted this is years past, but I worked so hard on it when I originally wrote it that I want to get as much mileage out of it as I can.  Besides, there are new readers here all … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: crossing stole and using maniple in Novus Ordo

From a priest reader:
I try to bring into the Novus Ordo as many elements from the old rite as I can, where permitted.
My question is:  is it licit for a priest celebrating Mass according to the new rite to cross … Continue reading

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Over at the blog Southern Orders I see that Fr. McDonald and Fr. Justin received their new WDTPRS coffee mugs.  These are Say The Black (Translation Edition) mugs.

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