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It has been a busy day. Here is one reason: Prayer Request – Mothership Problem And because the Mac using PC snarkers have chimed in, I have started a “Get a Mac” fund. Here are some recent posts: Fr. Fessio … Continue reading


POLL ALERT: Justification of “mercy killing”

There is a poll on the site of the New York Daily News attached to a story about an 88 year old man who shot his wife in the head to end her suffering. As of now. UPDATE 24 Nov … Continue reading

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Fr. Fessio on what Pope Benedict really said: USEFUL ANALOGY ALERT

USEFUL ANALOGY ALERT “Pope Approves Padded Pipes for Mugging” You would do well to read this carefully and use it in conversations. Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ,  wrote a piece for Reuters which means that it will get a little visibility. … Continue reading

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Queen Elizabeth warns Church of England synod

The “head” of the Church of England gives the “body” of the Church of England a warning. From BBC: Queen gives warning to Church of England synod The Queen has spoken of the “difficult” and “painful” choices facing the Church … Continue reading

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Fox News website headline: LIE – They should be ashamed

This is the sort of shallow, asinine, perhaps even mendacious BS we all knew would crop up in the mainstream media. NOTA BENE:  This headline is a LIE. Note also that the URL for the story indicates something quite different. … Continue reading

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My friend Greg Burke, the Rome correspondent for Fox News, has an article about the Pope’s new interview-book and the biggest news to come from it. Keep in mind, folks, that the whole Condom Conundrum, is energy-consuming frivolity compared to … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Dispensation for Americans to eat meat on Friday after Thanksgiving?

From a reader: The folks at Rorate Caeli have posted that Pius XII granted an indult for Americans to eat meat on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Is this indult still in effect? I don’t know.  Probably not.  Also, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Pope knew what he was setting off

From time to time I have opined about why the Pope says certain things that are sure to provoke controversy. Some people have suggested that he is naive about the press (e.g., Regensburg, this condom thing). I don’t buy that. … Continue reading

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A good clarification about the Pope’s comment on condoms

Here is a CNS story by fellow Minnesotan John Thavis with my emphases and comments. Vatican clarifies pope’s reference to ‘male prostitute’ in condoms comment Posted on November 23, 2010 by John Thavis VATICAN CITY — When Pope Benedict commented … Continue reading

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What does the “captcha” really say?

I just went through this a few minutes ago in order to post a comment on Fr. Blake’s blog.  I couldn’t read that captcha image.

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Notes about Vatican Press conference for Pope’s new book interview

Andrea Tornielli posted this about the recent Vatican mess up with the press.  Here are a couple excerpts in my quick translation. With his characteristic irony and finesse, Fr. Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, often called … Continue reading

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England: number of seminarians rises

Here is some good news. The number of seminarians in England is on the rise. From CNA: England sees highest number of new seminarians in over a decade London, England, Nov 23, 2010 / 03:11 am (CNA).- Seminaries in England … Continue reading

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Prayer Request – Mothership Problem

I have a little problem. The mothership – my big, main computer – will not start. It seems as if it is actually hanging at the main processor check. The invitation to hit F10 to enter the bios/start up, but … Continue reading

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