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WDTPRS POLL on Pope Benedict’s interview

Here is a couple quick WDTPRS poll:
Please give your reasons in the combox.

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QUAERITUR: applause in church for music

From a reader:
I have complained on your blog and to this forum in
the past about their practice of vigorously applauding the choir after the communion “meditation”/song. Sometimes this song is even secular opera piece. After the applause, the choir just … Continue reading

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World Health Organization praises Pope’s approval of condoms

The misrepresentations of the Pope’s words in his book-interview are ricocheting around, developing their own buzz.
Get this:

WHO welcomes the Pope’s statement on condoms
MANILA, 25 November 2010—The World Health Organization (WHO) today welcomed a statement by Pope Benedict XVI … Continue reading

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Rahab and the Condom Conundrum

We read in book of Joshua that the non-Jewish harlot Rahab hid Jewish spies under bundles of flax from her roof (Joshua 2:6).
The fact that a harlot gave help to the Jewish spies is not to be taken as biblical … Continue reading

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Buying stuff for Christmas from monasteries and relgious

Given that this is the day when US retail stores hope to move into the black, thus “Black Friday”, I think we can give some attention to our own Christmas gift shopping here.
I think some monasteries and religious houses who … Continue reading

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WSJ Opinion piece about the book interview with Pope Benedict

The Wall Street Journal has an article by Francis X. Rocca about Light of the World, the book-length interview with Benedict XVI.
I wouldn’t really call this piece a “review” of the book.  It is more an opinion piece and it … Continue reading

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Your good news and yesterday’s events

What is your good news?   Did you, in the USA, have a good day yesterday?
For my part, I ate a bird.   This time it was duck.

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