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WaPo, by indirection, finds direction out.

From WaPo‘s On Faith…  with my emphases and comments.
Pope’s master of liturgy helps Benedict restore traditions
By Jason Horowitz
Washington Post Staff Writer
IN ROME On a rainy Christmas Eve, Pope Benedict XVI followed a procession of Swiss guards, bishops and priests down … Continue reading

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Brick by Cincinnati Brick

Here is a brick by brick piece in the Cincinatti Enquirer.
Catholic group looks to form Latin parish
The first time Ashley Paver stepped into St. Mark’s Church in Evanston, he knew he’d found the right place.
The tile mosaics, soaring arches, marble … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas everyone!

There is time for the complicated, and there is time for the simple.
Tonight we celebrate the moment in history when our God, entirely transcendent, lowered Himself to take our human nature into a bond with his divine nature that could … Continue reading

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