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From a reader:
There is a Freemason in my parish [AIYEEE!??] – yes he is Catholic.  [Say it ain’t so!] He is known as a Freemason to many people and he, despite the Church’s clear teachings on the subject, does not … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can I fullfil my Sunday obligation on Saturday evening?

From a reader:
I’ll be pithy:
I’ll start my final semester of nursing school next week, it appears as though I will be required to train in the hospital for the next four months from 7am-7pm every Sunday. Is it possible to … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: An EMHC told us not to kneel and shook her head at us

From a reader:
I have something that has really been bothering me that maybe you could help me with if you find the time.I am not trying to “tattle” or nit pick anything, but I am very uncomfortable with this and … Continue reading

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Catholic League responds to Huffington Post

With a title like that, you know it ain’t gonna be pretty.
From the Catholic League:
Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a Huffington Post blog post by Michele Somerville about New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo:
Michele … Continue reading

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FOLLOW UP: Wisconsin parish which was robbed of its Christmas collection

Remember the story about Christmas collection robbed from the Catholic parish in Chippewa Falls, WI?
I received this note from a reader:
Chippewa Falls (Press Release from Fr. William Felix, Pastor of St. Charles Catholic Church) –  At this time we still … Continue reading

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Card. Pell on small-c catholic politicians

From CNA:
Cardinal Pell corrects politicians who claim to be Catholic but vote differently
Sydney, Australia, Jan 5, 2011 / 05:31 am (CNA).- As the country faces intense legislative debate this upcoming year over same-sex “marriage” and euthanasia, Cardinal George Pell of … Continue reading

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