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It’s time for more purification. Are you ready, Philadelphia? It is time for us all to get tough and bear this Cross in the face of the mysterium iniquitatis. Get down on our knees and pray and do penance. The … Continue reading

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Rosary for the Bishop Project

My friend Fr. John Boyle has a good project going: Rosary for the Bishop.  I would like a make it my own in solidarity. Fr. Boyle says: Choose your own bishop to pray for. I have selected my diocesan Archbishop … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can a traditional rite of baptism be in English?

From a priest reader: Please excuse my sending this request to you, but I have not been able to find an answer to my questions. A couple have asked me to baptize their soon-to-be-born child, using the EF of Baptism.  … Continue reading

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Here are some recent posts of interest, ne pereant. Lot’s of questions in the last few days! (“Quaeritur” is Latin for “It is asked”, a classic way of introducing questions of the philosophical/theological kind.  The Latin way of thinking likes … Continue reading


QUAERITUR: Why is the Protestant “For the kingdom, the power, the glory…” in our Catholic Mass?

A reader asked: One of the things I like about the TLM [Traditional Latin Mass] is that we don’t have to pray like the Protestants Our Father.  Isn’t the fact that Bugnini and crowd put “For the kingdom, the power, … Continue reading

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UPDATE REVIEW: iPhone app to help you make a good confession updated

I have reviewed the new iPhone app tool to help you examine your conscience and then make a good sacramental to a priest (the only way to get absolution, of course). I pointed out that there were flaws in the … Continue reading

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