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QUAERITUR: Can a priest simply refuse to hear a confession?

From a reader: I’ve never cried over Church related matters until last night after I was refused Confession. I’m in grave mortal sin, and I tried to go to confession twice yesterday, but I had no luck. The first parish … Continue reading

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Creepy homosexual demonstration at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral

Really creepy people.  It is very creepy to disrupt legitimate worship services. They are cowards, too.  You can bet they wouldn’t do this at a mosque. And to think that Rahm Emanuel will soon be mayor there. From LifeSite News: … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: How old can an altar “boy” be?

From a reader: Is there an upper age limit to serve as an altar “boy” at a TLM? I am a 35 year old father who converted at about age 30.  I’m encouraging my six year old son to consider … Continue reading

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VERY COOL! Out-of-print books scanned and online

With an enthusiastic biretta tip    o{]:¬)    to His Hermeneuticalness, I share this very cool information for your consideration. Splendid collection of scanned books Don Paco of the Ite ad Thomam blog, has scanned hundreds of volumes for the Ite ad … Continue reading

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WDTPRS Sexagesima Sunday

In the traditional Roman calendar this Sunday is called Sexagesima, Latin for the “Sixtieth” day before Easter.  This number is more symbolic than arithmetical. Last week was the first of these pre-Lenten Sundays, Septuagesima or “Seventieth.  The pre-Lenten Sundays prepare … Continue reading

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Bringing spaghetti to a gun fight: NCR writer attacks Dr. Peters, Peters responds.

An Irishman was walking down the street one day and, to his delight, he saw a big crowd surrounding a couple of blokes coolly and systematically duking it out.  The Irishman, let’s call him Sean, shoved and elbowed his way … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Holy Communion at two Masses on the same day?

From a reader, comes a question I have answered quite a few times, but which bears repetitio. Are there any circumstances in which one can receive Communion more than once a day? I spent Christmas at Clear Creek Abbey in … Continue reading

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A clarification about my statements concerning SSPX bishops

Whenever I post something about the SSPX, and I mention that the priests and bishops of that Fraternity are suspended, I get loads of email protesting that they aren’t. They are.  Sorry. That said, I sincerely hope and pray that … Continue reading

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ALERT! Right after helping this blog by voting in the Reader’s Choice Award (click at the right), would you look at this poll on the site of the Wall Street Journal? Here are the results at the time of this … Continue reading

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Catholic Herald (UK) – Wm. Oddie opines about Pres. Obama

From William Oddie of the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald comes this strong opinion piece about the President of the United States.   I generally dismiss transatlantic views of any POTUS.  This commentary, however, caught my attention because it … Continue reading

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