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Sr. Johnson responds to the USCCB!

I posted about the USCCB’s Doctrine Committee and their examination of Sr. Elizabeth Johnson’s book on the Trinity which seems to be heretical.
NCFishwrap covered this too.  Bottom line: Feminist theologian = good.  USCCB Doctrine Committee = bad.
Sr. Johnson, CSJ, has … Continue reading

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Drive through confessionals – WDTPRS POLL

We have talked about iPad Roman Missals on the altar.  We have talked about ATMs in the narthex of church’s for your weekly donations.  We have talked about electric vigil lights, and recorded music, and microphones, hand sanitizer at Communion.  … Continue reading

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Of Popes, Jubilees and Pontifical Masses

I was alerted to this video over at Rorate.
I would point out that this year on 29 June is the 60th Jubilee of our Holy Father’s ordination to the priesthood, together with his brother Georg.

It is too bad that there … Continue reading

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Recent Posts of Interest and a couple other things

First, many thanks to WDTPRSers who sent the two volumes of Augustine’s sermons and also the great CD/DVD combo of the 40 voice Mass by Striggio. It is great. The sound is so intense that, at least with … Continue reading

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USCCB shreds Sr. Elizabeth Johnson’s book on the Trinity

US Bishops do care about theology and what is being taught and written.  For example, even though we already knew this, Sr. Elizabeth Johnson’s book on the Trinity, Quest for the Living God, is not a good book.
The Doctrine Committee … Continue reading

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Just too cool, for people who like gizmos

Imagine the possible applications!
And did you see the video of the guy who can spin an inverted glass full of water?  Did ya?

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We need Summorum Pontificum. We need the new, corrected translation.

Over at Southern Orders there is a study in contrasts.
For your consideration.

And then…

We need Summorum Pontificum.  We need the new, corrected translation.

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Prayer Request – Theft of Blessed Sacrament

In the Anderson, South Carolina Independent Mail.
Police investigating break-in at Anderson church
ANDERSON — Anderson police are investigating a break-in at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church in Anderson.
A church member went to St. Mary to unlock it around 6:35 … Continue reading

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I am confused.

The Catholic left condemned President Bush and the Iraq War.
Why is the Catholic left not condemning President Obama and what he is doing in Libya?

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On the new, corrected translation. Wherein Fr. Z rants and reacts.

Liberals who don’t like the new translation either don’t like the clearer theology of the prayers or the sound of the prayers.
The usual tack they take is people are too stupid to understand the new texts.  This has been the … Continue reading

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