Mystic Monk Coffee now by monthly subscription! (Amusing Pope Benedict anecdote included.)

Help build a monastery.[CUE MUSIC]

More than one person has sent me email asking if it is possible to “subscribe” to Mystic Monk Coffee (“It’s swell”, by the way) on a monthly basis and have the commission for the subscription come to WDTPRS.

The answer is now YES!

Since the Mystic Monks are traditional, they know you are supposed to keep in mind both kind and number.

Here is what an order form would look like.

Here it is when a serious supporter of the program fills out the order!

Therefore, you can select the kind of coffee you want and the number of bags of that coffee those Mystic Monks should send.

No!  Seriously!  If you want 25 of coffee X sent each month, you can.  You are in control!  Also, subscriptions helps the Carmelites know what they can expect to come in for their monthly budget.

“But Father! But Father!”, I can hear some of you saying.  “You think you are so clever.  That analogy of kind and number you used above.  Ooops!  That means that drinking coffee is like a mortal sin!  Is that really a good selling point?  HA HA!  Caught you!”

Piffle.  I am way ahead of you and thought of that even before you said it.

Once upon a time, there was a Pope named Benedict.  Benedict XIV, to be precise.  Papa Lambertini.

He was a brilliant wit, a king among wits, in the days of witty people with powdered wigs and snuff boxes.

One day Papa Lambertini, who loved snuff (the tobacco that goes up the nose), did a great honor to one of his Cardinals by offering him a pinch of snuff from the Pontifical Snuff Box Itself!

The Cardinal demurred, saying, “Thank you, no, Your Holiness.  I don’t have that vice.”

Fixing his Cardinal in the Pontifical Stare, the Pontiff riposted, “Were this a vice, We are sure that Your Eminence would have it.”


So, back to buying lots of coffee.

Buy Mystic Monk Coffee and their other trinkets in individual purchases or buy it through a monthly subscription.  Just buy it.  Try a sampler with free shipping by clicking here.

I added a link on the right side bar you can find easily once this entry scrolls off.

They are building their monastery in Wyoming…. bean by bean.

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18 Responses to Mystic Monk Coffee now by monthly subscription! (Amusing Pope Benedict anecdote included.)

  1. Joanne says:

    haha, funny that this should be at the top of the page. I was just stopping by hoping to put in a good word for Mystic Monk Coffee! I bought three blends – the “Carmel” (flavored coffee), the Fair Trade Organic Mexican decaf, and the Cowboy Blend, all ground. Was a bit hesitant at first, because I’ve also had mixed results with brewing coffee at home – I have my favorite home brewing coffees and wasn’t sure about trying something new. Decided to give MMC a try though, because I like the idea of supporting the monks. I’m really glad I did. My coffees arrived this morning and I made a pot this afternoon – 1/2 Carmel and 1/2 FTO Mexican decaf – it was great! Just nice, smooth coffee. Lovely aroma, nice flavor. I can highly recommended the two blends I have tried so far.

  2. APX says:

    But Father! But Father! I’m not a traditional coffee drinker! I use a Keurig Coffee Maker, and I loathe the inconvenience of filling and emptying/cleaning out the reusable filter I bought for it. Any chances of the Monks selling their coffee in K-Cup form? Surely the 50 or so K-Cups I’ve gone through in the past two weeks (and I’m not even into all-nighters/finals yet) could fund them branching out into the K-Cup industry, and someone else on here requested K-Cup coffee packs too. [It sure would be helpful if they had the K-Cup and E.S.E. We will have to keep asking for them!]

  3. I remember giving up coffee for Lent two years ago. I bought a sampler package of Mystic Monk coffee for Easter Sunday. When I came home from Easter Vigil, I made myself a pot of Midnight Vigil coffee. OH MY GOODNESS!! It was like electric shock therapy!! I couldn’t sleep till about Tuesday :-)

    Good stuff. I also bought the pink hoodie from them that year, but all I see now is the brown one for sale…did they discontinue that one?

    (That was also another major penance…the day I got the hoodie in the mail, I didn’t have any clean ones to wear so I put that one on and I had to spend the day smelling like a coffee factory without being able to actually drink any coffee :-) )

    God bless

  4. Hah!

    I’d heard a version of this story, only involving Pope St. Pius X (who was, I believe, a cigar aficionado) and an errant bishop!

    According to the story I heard, the Saint offered the offending bishop a cigar in order to set him at ease. The errant bishop replied “Holy Father, I don’t have that vice”; to which the good Saint responded “If it were a vice, I would not have offered it; you having enough vices of your own!”

    Perhaps apocryphal — but certainly in the spirit of great fun!

  5. guans says:

    I especially like the free shipping package that comes with two 2-handled mugs and 4 bags of coffee.

  6. amsjj1002 says:

    I’ve heard the Pope Pius X and the cigar story too. But to both, I say “Yuck!” :-D

  7. benedetta says:

    Yes. Though I have ordered fairly regularly for years for my household, for gifts etc, I was happy to discover the monthly subscription possibility. Per pound of coffee what you pay to the MMs is pretty much the same as what you would pay for any gourmet coffee, but, the quality of the MMs is often superior to the typical brands. Plus, in replenishing your coffee supply you get to support the apparently very traditional and yet simultaneously thoroughly simpatici MMs. I am enjoying a Mystic brew from my first subscription delivery this very moment. And of course the (on the youthful side) MMs are always praying for the Church, and this is obviously a benefit which cannot be quantified. We received a scapular from them with one order around Christmas, which is also something that is very good to have. Now for the tea drinkers if another order were to get started in on tea we’d be all set here.

  8. Allan S. says:

    Attention Keurig K Cup Users:
    I am drinking MM coffe right now from my Keurig K cup machine. Here is what you do:

    First, order it as the normal default grind. Next, buy a Solofill Cup, Reusable K-Cup (see solofill-dot-com). I think it’s also available on amazon.

    Personally, I’m partial to midnight vigils, but they really have to get a Canadian distributor – the import thing is killing me!

  9. inara says:

    do you get credit for gift sales too? their travel mug with the built-in coffee press is genius!

    (there’s a lovely couples’ retreat happening at my feeder right now, by the way…a pair of married cardinals & mourning doves happily nibbling & chatting…with a chubby Eastern bluebird & several chickadees waiting politely nearby not wanting to interrupt)

  10. isnowhere says:

    As an avid (nasal) snuff user (not abuser) this will continue my list of “Saints who used tobacco and did not go to hell for it.” Yes I realize XIV has not been canonized… but still worthy of the list with an asterisk next to his name!

    Also, I too have seen this story applied to St. Pius X in regards to cigars. (Saint #3 on my list.)

    Side note… I had a post on heroic virtue where XIV was quoted… he must be on the mind of many lately.

  11. Centristian says:

    There must be something in the name that allows for great comebacks.

    I once read that Pope Benedict XV was confronted with the dilemma of being so slight of stature that all of the white simars provided in advance by the papal tailor were much too large for him, even the smallest one. It was necessary, therefore, for the papal tailor to pin the sleeves of the smallest one up, and for Benedict to hoist the skirt of the simar up, and cinch it tightly with his cinture, so that he could actually walk in it.

    While the tailor was busy trying to make the Pope’s temporary simar somewhat wearable for him, he congratulated the Pope on his election and said to him, “I knew you would be elected; I knew it all along.”

    “Oh, really?” responded Benedict. “If you were so sure of my election, why didn’t you make a simar to fit me to begin with?”

    Benedict was bested later that day, however, by Cardinal Merry delVal. Benedict, when just a Vatican official whose star was on the rise, had been exiled from the papal orbit by Pius X at Merry del Val’s intriguing behest. Upon returning to the Vatican, now as its master, Benedict received the homage of his cardinals, including Merry del Val. As Merry del Val knelt before Pope Benedict, the pope, quoting Psalm 118, said “the stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.” Without missing a beat, however, Merry del Val, picking up on the Psalm’s continuation replied, “and it is a wonder in our eyes.”

  12. Childermass says:

    I recently ordered 5 bags through Fr. Z’s website, so no subscription till these are depleted, which may be soon: I’m getting madly addicted to the stuff–to the taste more than the caffeine! :)

  13. lucy says:

    Just purchased 4 bags of Royal Rum Pecan !! yum. I finally talked my husband into stopping our Gevalia shipments and supporting the monks.

    I also use my Keurig – refill the filter that I bought separately – it’s not really that big of a problem.

    APX – And if you’re studying, then just make a full pot. I keep a regular coffee maker around for company and those days when one cup just won’t do.

  14. Animadversor says:

    Of the two anecdotes, the better is that of Benedict XIV: the formulation is terser, and, generally, the terser the wittier.

  15. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    I’m sorry I don’t have the useful details, but isn’t there a story about someone asking the Pope to condemn coffee, because it was the devil’s drink — to which the Holy Father replied that he would do the petitioner one better and deprive the devil of his pleasure by baptizing it?

    God bless,


  16. David Homoney says:

    Man, cool to see the subscription. My wife and I usually buy 5 lbs bag of the original Mystic Monk Blend, which we love. We are slowed down during Lent though as we have given up all caffeine after noon. Not to sound like wimps for our give up, as we drank 1 to 2 pots in the afternoon/evening but we also gave up smoking, a 20 year habit for me and a 30+ year habit for my wife. We were told though we should give up something for Lent that we would look forward to getting back after, so we added the coffee as I would like to not go back to smoking.

    All that said, I have signed up for the coffee of the month club. Just got notified that my order is on the way. I have last months as well, and once I clear out the beans in my Mystic Monk Coffee Vault, I will be refilling with the Barundi. Great stuff. I will make sure I send the rest of my orders through you site Father. Helping two great causes at once is wonderful. :)

  17. irishgirl says:

    I can’t drink coffee-I only do it when I’m ‘on the road’-it makes my heart go too fast. I feel too ‘wound up’, plus too much caffeine gives me a headache.
    Now if the good monks made tea in addition to coffee, I might consider doing a ‘snail mail’ order-if I had the money, of course.
    Centristian-ha, that Benedict XV election story is funny! Who knew that Popes were so good with verbal comebacks? Would have loved to have been a fly on the papal wall back then!

  18. Centristian says:

    “We are slowed down during Lent though as we have given up all caffeine after noon. Not to sound like wimps…”

    Like wimps? I would say that’s downright heroic.

    Today I actually clicked on the link to the “Mystic Monks” for the first time since discovering Father Z’s blog. Up to now I have ignored the “buy some coffee” postings, as I never buy anything from blogs or websites (nothing personal, Father). But curiosity finally got the better of me and after reviewing the website of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming, I came away intrigued by them.

    I love their website, for one thing. As I viewed it I started to wonder about them: the very young vocations, the pre-Vatican II liturgy, the over-the-top medieval-looking building projects…the juggling. I immediately wondered if this community was some reincarnation of the Society of St. John of Shohola, PA. It’s not (thank God), although that huge monastery they’re planning, like the SSJ’s “medieval city”, seems quite ambitious for such a small community. And what’s with gothic-loving traditionalists and juggling?

    While their plans for this Notre Dame-like structure they aspire to erect seem a bit unrealistic to me, I was charmed by what they already have at the moment. The website offers a nice little “day in the life” video (perhaps it’s on YouTube; I can’t recall) of the community, showing glimpses of community prayer in Chapter, Mass, recreation, coffee making (of course), and even dining. I have to say I love the refectory, with it’s dramatic cross behind the head table, and the skull that’s displayed on the table. The very spartan little chapel is where Mass is celebrated ad orientem, in Latin, according to the traditional Carmelite liturgy. I love that.

    The best part, to me, is that these monks are all on the up and up, established by and working with the Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming, to become a congregation of Diocesan Right. They’re traditional Carmelites, not “traditionalist” Carmelites. That is to say, they aren’t some renegade group of pretend Carmelites or some Lefebvrist offshoot with a fake mandate from one of the SSPX’s four bishops (like, for example, Father Cyprian’s make-believe Benedictine Monastery in New Mexico). They’re really…real. [Of course they are!]

    So I’ll give their coffee a try and I’ll also try to spread the word about it. The diocesan office building I work in just switched its coffee account from Tim Horton’s to some brand that nobody seems very thrilled with. I’ll certainly mention Mystic Monk to our central services director. No guarantees, but I’ll definitely mention it. [Buy it through my link!]