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Maynooth Seminary in Ireland: Fit for Mission?

On a blog called Lux Occulta there is posted a pdf of an article in a Catholic newspaper called The Catholic Voice written by a group of seminarians about their experience at Maynooth Seminary in Ireland. As I read it, … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Of the Precious Blood, wine, water and dilution

From a reader: Fr., Perhaps one of your ossified manuals would address this. Today at Mass, the priest had a cruet of wine on the altar during the consecration. I am sure he did not intend to consecrate that wine. … Continue reading

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I have been posting some liturgical compare and contrast pictures and videos lately.  Some readers have taken me to task for being unfair by posting images that are great when traditional, really nasty when liberal. Fine.  Let’s try this again. … Continue reading

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Chicago “LIFE Mob” Hits the Streets Again

From a reader in Chicago: [wp_youtube]nNztPXNFexk[/wp_youtube] Chicago “LIFE Mob” Hits the Streets Again Youth cheer Joe Scheidler and upset pro-abortion rally. On April 2, 2011, hundreds of pro-life advocates and more than two dozen leaders from all over the country … Continue reading

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You decide

And exercise in contrasts: [wp_youtube]rh_nqtp3VrU[/wp_youtube] And then there was this: UPDATE: And in Los Angeles this year, 2011, at the Three Day so Darkness Conference… er um… Education Conference.   No hotel meeting room, like the “liturgy” at the top. Is … Continue reading

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